ANONJEKLOY NEWS : Facebook tools target revenge porn

Today, Facebook announced efforts to battle "revenge porn" – that is, the sharing of intimate images without consent. The social media giant is rolling out tools to report and curb the spread of these types of images.
First, users will be able to report intimate images that seem to have been shared without permission. To do so, click or tap on the downward arrow or "..." icon next to a post, then selecting the "Report" link.
From there, members of Facebook's Community Operations team review the image. If it violates Facebook's Community Standards, the picture is removed, and in most cases, the user that posted it will have their account disabled. There is an "appeals process" if the user believes the Facebook team made a mistake.

Once an image has been removed, Facebook implements photo-matching technology to prevent it from being shared on Facebook, Messenger or Instagram. Anyone who attempts to do so will receive an automatic message that it violates Facebook policy that their attempt has been blocked.
These tools do not appear to be perfect – for example, we're not sure how precisely the photo-matching tech performs. Could a slightly altered version of a photo bypass the automated measure? And if the image makes it way off of Facebook, it still could be freely shared throughout the rest of the internet.
Still, it seems like a step in the right direction. Until now, Facebook had not outlined steps against this specific type of conflict and victimization, though the company has taken other steps in battling other societal and social media-related problems like suicide and fake news.
Source: Facebook
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