An attacker shouting “allahu abkar” and wielding a machete was shot by a French soldiers in front of the Louvre Museum on Friday. The Louvre, where such famous paintings as the Mona Lisa are housed, is the most visited museum in the world.
The suspect, 29, is believed to have entered France via Dubai with Egyptian documentation a month ago. Police are still attempting to verify his identity.

Since the least few years of terror attacks in France, soldiers and police patrol Paris heavily.
According to the Telegraph UK:
The attack, which President François Hollande said was clearly an act of terrorism, was the latest in a series of deadly assaults in France over the last two years, most of them claimed by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).
The man was carrying two backpacks when at around 10am local time he approached four soldiers patrolling at the entrance to the underground Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall, which lies beneath the museum.
They told him he could not bring his bags into the mall.
“That’s when he got the knife out and that’s when he tried to stab the soldier,” said Yves Lefebvre, a police union official.
The soldiers first tried to beat off the attacker before opening fire, said Benoit Brulon, a spokesman for the 3,500-strong military force that patrols Paris and its major tourist attractions.
They fired five bullets at the man, wounding him in the stomach and the leg, and leaving him in a critical condition. Two of the soldiers suffered minor injuries in the encounter.
Of course, American media twisted the entire incident, as the New York Times headline left the impression that the whole incident was the soldier’s fault, not the machete wielding terrorist.

Visitors to the museum were kept inside in windowless rooms until the all clear was given. And yes, America, the French are investigating the attack as terrorism.
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