Charlottesville, VA Will Spend $300,000 To Remove A Statue Because It Offends BLM

The Charlottesville City Council is expected to vote to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee and rename the park after a vote last month ended in a tie.
Even though Robert E. Lee sets a positive example for locals because Lee called for reconciliation after the Civil War BLM is moving with this act. Lee’s words after the war are:
“Go home and be good citizens”
But BL remain fixated on eliminating any traces of history that involve racism or slavery, and believe the statue is offensive to blacks in the community.
The American mirror reported:
Councilman Bob Fenwick, who abstained from voting on the measure during a Jan. 17 meeting, told The Caviler Daily he now plans to vote to remove the statue and rename Lee Park at the Virginia council’s meeting today.
Fenwick said he initially abstained from voting because he was unsure about the consequences for the move, slated to cost $300,000, and wanted time to consider input from a Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorials and Public Spaces.
“I was very concerned a vote to remove (on Jan. 17) would take the energy out of a better city budget for citizens and neighborhoods which would mean community centers, the Jefferson School Heritage Center, diversion and mentoring programs (and) funding for 501c3 social programs like Legal Aid, Ready Kids, etc.,” Fenwick wrote in an email to The Daily.
Though Fenwick is going to vote for the statue’s removal, he stressed the statue — which he said he views as a symbol of racism — will be relocated and preserved.
His decision was met with controversy from individuals and advocacy groups on both sides of the issue. While Showing up For Racial Justice applauded his efforts, organizations such as the Virginia Flaggers, which argues for the preservation of Confederate symbols, condemned the impending action.
 This is just madness. Share this story if you disagree with this action.
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