We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.
Anonymous – CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH? Here it is..

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  1. Governments in general are doomed to fail. There is not a government in human history that has been successful. It’s human nature to want more. To dispise any authority in the sense of population control. Because and keep this in mind, we are creatures as is every other living thing and we have an instinct for survival. And to let that power be held by a government, is on an instinctual level giving up your ability to do whatever necessary to survive.

  2. Am I the only one noticing that Anonymous is the one controlling and distributing information on here. Seems a little Fascist for an organization that fights to end the corruption of big corporate businesses and government. I’ve never seen the article of a normal user on this website on the “front page”. And that should change.

  3. Nice video. But what exactly are you saying? Bit vague.
    We know however that ‘mind-control’-‘brainwashing’ has been the holy grail of governments since before ww1.
    That they are so obviously still chasing this isn’t news.
    Also the new world order thing is old hat too.
    You are right people are being distracted. By you.
    oNc are here to guide all those lost back on track.
    Do wake up people. We are at a crossroads and need to take the right path.
    Sit and do nothing and you will be a slave forever.
    We are at the time to ACT. Now while technology is still on our side. Tomorrow maybe too late! Technology can imprison as well as free!
    Act now! Join us at oNc

  4. Anonymous on Facebook!! Selling masks!! Seems like ‘they’ have successfully turned Anonymous into just another tool in THEIR arsenal-yes THEIRS
    Vigilante sites turning the very people we fight for against each other – see anonymous Ireland for just one example(make sure you get the right one, there are several)
    Videos with outdated information-isnt it time to let people know what to do to avoid becomig a guinipig for instance, known prescription drugs NOT to take. How to go offline. Dissapear from the grid. How to take ACTION-for it is that time. If we dont act now we are beaten. We will rally but you will be ashamed of the world your kids grow up in because YOU did nothing.
    Everyone has something to offer, no matter how small a part that maybe. A million small acts – one massive effect.
    So look for oNc – we are sorry but at the min if you can’t find us we can’t use you at the moment. Soon though we will post links where you will be evaluated and security check. The only reason you can be turned down is the security check,which you can appeal. Sorry it sounds so official but we have to be careful.

  5. I think it’s the food we are eating, the gut is the second brain. Schizophrenia start in young males commonly in the late teens and early 20s, they always start by reporting voices a day being startled by themy and what the voices say. I’ve noticed more and more cases as a nurse including other mental health diseases. What has changed in such a short time? We are being fed chemicals that have been proven to damage the gut and alter brain functions permanently. I really have no idea what’s causing it, but wouldn’t it make sense to easily “medicate” a large population without being obvious, would be the food and water supply?