Anonymous Sends a Message to the Citizens

By: legion via

Anonymous has an urgent message to the citizens of the world, 2017, asking them not
 to be fooled by the corrupt governments of the world and to remain vigilant and aware
 of the propaganda tools used against them.
In a video released by Anonymous, the popular hacktivist group, a message to the people of
theworld has been released that addresses them to be more proactive and vigilant in 2017.
In the message, an Anonymous representative wearing the signature Guy Fawkes mask asks
the people to be careful in the way governments across the world behave. He talks about how
the US government has misled the people and also emphasizes the fact that Anonymous is the
 last stand and resistance in the fight against the corrupt governments.
The 11 minute video further dwells into how the US government and the CIA have been working
 to prevent any future collaboration of the President-elect Donald Trump with Russia – to fight
against ISIS. The video also talks about how the current government wants to keep people in
 the dark and it, along with the CIA, made every attempt to execute negative propaganda against
Donald Trump at the time of the election campaigning. The video also states that the government
and the CIA have been using such propaganda to fool the American people and to manipulate
the election results. The CIA even went to the extent of saying that Donald Trump is supported
 by Russia and that his election victory would mean doom for the US.
Also, even though Trump is now the President-elect, there are still conspiracies going on against
him. The CIA is also not interested in tackling the menace of ISIS and wants the situation on the
ground level to remain the same. Anonymous has asked the citizens of the world to unite and fight
 terrorism and also to throw corrupt governments out of power. It also urges people to support the
 democratically elected new President of the US.

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