A Few Surprising Downsides to Being Intelligent

There are many people who think that things come easy for intelligent people; acing exams is nothing but a piece of cake. However, according to the Quora community, there are many downsides to being intelligent.

You Think More and Feel Less

Marcus Geduld, a member of Quora, says that he knows how to describe his feelings to others, but that he doesn’t feel the weight leave his shoulders once he has expressed these feelings.
“This is a standard condition for intelligent men and women, particularly ones that are quite verbal. They use words and phrases as a smoke screen, and it is all the more effective when their words are true. Less articulate individuals tend to air out through animalism,” saysMarcus Geduld, explaining his research between emotional and cognitive skills. “They scream, strike, hit, run, shout, sob, party, and jump because of happiness… I explain. And when I’m finished describing, everything I’ve mentioned is still trapped inside me, only now it has a label on it.”
According to some scientists, people with high emotional intelligence have low cognitive capabilities. This, in short, means that people who are smart may not need emotional skills to solve problems.

Expectations, Expectations… and more Expectations

If you’re intelligent, then no matter what, people automatically expect you to be the best. Furthermore, since they already have a default image set in their heads, you’re left with no one to discuss your weaknesses and emotions with. Moreover, the tension of what is going to happen if you don’t perform well, exacerbates the situation.
According to Saurabh Mehta, thoughts like these give you more stress related to a fear of failure.
Parents who pass down their ‘smart’ genes to their kids, worry less about their child’s wellbeing as compared to general parents who have smart children; and are most anxious to know about their children’s results after a test. This factor of expectation misleads the child to focus on their studies, rather than permitting them to discover themselves.

A Few Things Come Easy

According to users on Quora who were discussing the traits and downsides of being intelligent, smart individuals believe they can get through life using less effort, as compared to other people. However, others also stated that the downside to being intelligent is that many people will never feel the tenacity needed to triumph.
Kent Fung, another Quora user, stated that smart people who have discovered their trait at a young age, don’t need to work or study as much as other people, resulting in the termination of ethics required to really work hard for something.

A Habit of Correcting People

Smart people usually have a habit of correcting a person if they hear something wrong or inaccurate; in short, it is difficult for them to hear something wrong. However, they don’t intend on humiliating you in front of your friends, but this unintentional habit costs smart people dearly.

A user on Quora stated that people are likely to stop hanging around with those who have this habit.

Sit and Think About It

The most common discussion found on the Quora forum was that intelligent people tend to over think and analyse even the most normal of situations.
According to the Quora users, smart people take even the slightest of comments about them, or on any topic, very seriously, overthinking these things. Based on the experience of one user, who stated that at a certain point you comprehend that you are dying over the thought that means nothing, you’re still likely to search for a solution before it drives you nuts.
A report that was published a year ago, analysed how smart people worry a lot and constantly think about random things, keeping their minds occupied. This led scientists to argue that because of all the over-thinking smart people do, they find it difficult to make a choice.
“An understanding of the potential consequences of your choices, particularly the tendency to over-evaluate those outcomes,” says Trithankar Chakraborty, is important to consider.

The Infinite Power of Knowledge

Even though you want to know about the things that happen behind the closed doors of a Masonic Lodge, or you want to know everything about the universe, the fact is, no one can learn and understand everything.
According to Mike Farkas, intelligence is a curse. He states that the more a person learns, the more they think they know less about things. He further says that according to a study conducted by David Dunning and Justin Kruger, the less intelligent people think they know everything and overrate their cognitive abilities, while intelligent people always question and doubt everything.
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