Saturday, November 26, 2016


The covert operations conducted by the US Navy is known as the Philadelphia Experiment are mainly known to the public via the 1984 film and a 2012 Syfy channel movie, but these are fictional representations of the bizarre events that are said to have taken place. What is the real truth? It has been said that the Navy Destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge was a test ship used for bizarre and secret operations by the United States military. The first, which took place in 1943 involved manipulating electrical fields to make the shop entirely invisible. The second test, which took place a few months later was an experiment on teleportation and small-scale time travel which succeeded in sending the entire ship back a few seconds in the past. While the first experiment passed without incident, the second sparked a major controversy. 


A man named Carl Meredith Allen claimed that he became an unwitting witness to the second experiment when the entire navy ship transported into the waters of Norfolk, where he was serving on the SS Andrew Furuseth, before quickly disappearing again, apparently into thin air. More disturbingly than that, it has been claimed that the second experiment resulted in a large number of casualties for the navy crewmen who were on board the ship at the time. While very few details about what occurred are available in the public domain, it has been said that they were torn apart and their flesh was mangled. If this is true, then it might explain why there have been no further developments in teleportation technology since the 1940s. In 1951, the ship at the center of these bizarre experiments was gifted to the Greek military who renamed the ship the HS Leon. It was used for some joint Greek-United States operations during the Cold War period before being sold to a Greek scrap firm where it was stripped for useful metals. 

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