It is being reported that six lawmakers within the United States Congress have seized the initiative during this period of transition between the outgoing and the incoming presidents to establish a no-fly zone over Syria. 


Congress are permitted to act on their own during these periods of transition but their power is supposed to be confined to inconsequential matters, such as the naming of post offices. The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2016 marks a sharp break from this tradition as it is a bill of international significance which may have enormous consequences for millions of people across the world. 

The establishment of a no-fly zone over Syria could be viewed as a serious act of aggression on the part of the United States. It would essentially prevent Syria aircraft from operating within their airspace and could put the United States in the position where it would be obliged to shoot down Russian war planes. Naturally, this action could put fresh and severe pressure on the United States’ relationship with the Russian Federation. 

Over the past year, relations between Russia and the United States have become increasingly grim with insults and veiled threats being thrown around on either side. Recently with the election of Donald Trump to the office of the President of the United States it appeared as though things were starting to improve. The president-elect expressed a desire to work with the Russian government on matters such as the situation in Syria and in the establishment of trade links. 

However, it has been said that Trump may not behave this way when he elevated to the office of President. His choice of the extremely hawkish Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor has raised some eyebrows within Washington as his political views contrast sharply with the isolationist tone Trump struck on the campaign trial. Whispers suggest that the notoriously underqualified Trump is out of his depth when it comes to foreign policy and that he may be unduly swayed by the influence of his advisors when it comes to important matters. 

The news of the no-fly zone is sure to cause celebration in some quarters across the world. The president of Turkey, the despotic Erdogan has repeatedly urged the United States to move in this direction. He claimed that this would help Turkey to take the fight to Islamic State. However, other reports suggest that Erdogan may be behaving disingenuously. Intelligence reports suggest that the Turkish government has been providing direct military, financial and logistical support to Islamic State and their partners in Al-Nusra to prevent military spread by the Kurdish forces in Syria. 

Israel have also expressed their support for an American enforced no-fly zone over Syria. Israel is at war with Syria and continues to occupy Golan Heights, an official Syrian territory. It is believed that if President Assad was removed from power that Israel would be in a better position to cement their control over this fossil-fuel rich region of the Middle East. 

Despite all of the serious implications raised by the establishment of a no-fly zone, the mainstream media outlets do not seem to grasp its significance. As of yet, there has been no widespread outrage about the abuse of the suspended rules in Congress or the hellish consequences it could unleash on the world. 

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