ACTIVISMRussell Brand Offers A Fresh Perspective On Why Donald Trump Was Elected

Comedian, actor, and activist Russell Brand explains why a Donald Trump presidency was inevitable.

After taking a break from discussing politics on his show True News, Russell Brand returned just in time to comment on the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.  Rather than bash the President-elect and some of the hateful statements he’s made in the past, Brand listed reasons why  why many likely voted for the business tycoon.
It comes down to this: people are demanding change – and while they definitely would have received it with Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, he was screwed out of a nomination by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). In result, the best option for people who are disillusioned by the system had was to elect Donald Trump, who is anything but conventional. Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton, is not owned by corporate establishments and cannot be bought. In addition, a continued regime of the Obama Administration with Hillary Clinton would have undoubtedly led to more war in the Middle East.
In the video below, Brand explains why a Trump presidency was inevitable, and what this means going forward:

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