OpUSA is Fully Engaged, Can You Help?

#OpUSA is about to engage in full swing. The call upon all Anonymous members, hackers, activists, social engineers, researchers, to come together, has arrived.
The following list of ops have been “reengaged” under the umbrella of OpUSA. It is time to help our United States Anons – the ones closest to the corruption, the ones who have helped in so many ways with international operations – with an aim to hit those who are corrupt in the United States, and to hit hard.
OpUSA has been active since July 7, but has also been ‘reengaged’ to encourage a full unification of Anonymous’ talents, calling on everyone who is willing to participate.
To “go against the enemy we are all up against every day. We will now launch a shift in operations against the corrupt of the United States that we battle each day. We all need updates of data of certain organizations…expose all findings…We will target anyone of government organizations of the United States who are part of corrupt secret societies, cults and terrorist organizations.”
OpISIS engaged.
OpFreemasons engaged.
OpKKK engaged.
OpCIA engaged.
OpNSA engaged.
OpFBI engaged.
OpIlluminati engaged.
OpUSA fully engaged.
The operation will continue until our day – Nov. 5, to show the corrupt that we are no longer asleep.
This is in response to the multiple crimes the United States’ corrupt have committed against humanity.
As always, take all precautions to protect your identity. Be sure to cover your tracks. Join your fellow Anons and take back your freedom.
We are Anonymous.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
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