Join Us Worldwide for the 2016 Million Mask March!

The 5th of November will soon be here, and once again we’re calling on all citizens of the world to take part in the Million Mask March global protests.
Since 2013, Anons on every continent have gathered once a year to protest against mass government surveillance, internet censorship, and the corrupt politicians who put capitalism before the people. With every year, our numbers grow, and so do the causes we fight for.
Last year’s protests met with mixed successes, and this year we urge citizens not only to be safe, but to be well equipped with cameras and video recorders. With true journalism in its death throes and the manipulation in the mainstream media, it’s now up to the people to act as citizen-journalists and record history as it actually happens, rather than accepting the government-spun fairy tales that will be shoved down our children’s throats 20-years from now.
The protests are organized through Facebook events. To find the closest event to you, click here to scan the locations marked on Google Map. If you cannot find an event in a city close to you, you can create a Facebook event for your city of choice, and send the link via email to: .
Need or want a mask? We have a couple resources at your disposal. Click here to learn more about the Guy Fawkes mask, its history, who profits from it, and how you can avoid purchasing a mask that will support corporate interests. For those who are intent on having an original mask, click here for further information.

2016 has arguably seen little, to absolutely no improvements, and in fact many situations have worsened tremendously in various regions of the world. It is crucial we stand together now to show our increasing numbers to those who call themselves the “elite,” and their political puppets.
Join us in November to spread the message to the masses that our worldwide revolution is at hand. Stand with the Anonymous Movement, and together in one voice let us remind our world-dictators that we do not forgive, and we do not forget. They should have expected us.
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