‘Super Human’ Who Can Survive all Catastrophic Road Traffic Crashes has Been Created in Australia

Road traffic accidents are one of the problems facing many countries across the world. According to statistics put together by the Global Health Observatory for the World Health Organization, there were 1.25 million road traffic deaths globally, in 2013.
Also, the Global Status Report on Road Safety authored in 2015 – based on records from 180 countries – revealed that the total number of road traffic deaths has remained at 1.25 million per year, with the highest road traffic fatality rates being recorded in low-income countries.
However, those in high-income countries are leaving nothing to chance. The hope is to look for best methods to reduce the road accidents to a toll that is as low as possible.
In Australia’s most densely populated state of Victoria, the state government has sponsored a new road safety campaign aimed at raising awareness of road accidents in the country.
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This has inspired sculptor Patricia Piccinini to build a ‘super human’ with a massive head, extra nipples, and no neck to launch the road safety campaign. Patricia lives in the state capital, Melbourne. She has named what she has built, Graham.
Graham has become the new road safety ambassador for the country. He is built to survive a car crash. He has a huge chest to protect his rib cage, and no neck to avoid whiplash. Patricia is said to have been helped by a leading trauma surgeon in Australia, Dr Christian Kenfield, and a road safety expert at Monash University, Dr David Logan to build the body that can withstand a high-speed crash.
The body of Graham, with his huge chest, inflated head, extra nipples and absence of a neck has gone viral in Australia. His pictures are being shared on many social media platforms in the country.
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Daily Mail reports that Graham’s warped features, such as his huge chest and extra nipples, which are meant to mimic air bags and protect his rib cage, highlight how vulnerable the human body is in car crashes. His lack of neck rules out broken bones and whiplash, while his flat, fatty face is designed to protect his nose and ears. The padded up chest with airbags between each rib protects his heart.
Apart from these features, Graham also has thicker and tougher skin to shield and reduce abrasions and road rash. His bizarre features do not just protect him inside a car, but also help him if he is a pedestrian walking by the roadside. Graham has strong legs, allowing him to jump out of the way of oncoming cars, and his knees bend in all directions to save him breaking his leg, even if hit by a car.
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According to Dr Kenfield, even the strongest man could not hold himself in place in a car accident, due to the significant force accompanying an accident.
“The dangers of even low speeds such as 25,30, 35 kilometres an hour is quite great. The most significant part of body for injury is the head. So as the head stops the brain actually keeps moving forward, smashing against the front part of the skull and then bouncing backwards and getting an injury on the back of the head as well,” Dr Kenfield explained.
Dr Logan also added his voice to what he has helped Patricia to build. “In the modern world we’re subjecting ourselves to much higher speeds, and the body just doesn’t have the physiology to absorb the energy when things go wrong. A crash is about managing energy so when we’re moving along the road we have energy. When we suddenly stop the car because we’re in a crash that energy has to be absorbed by the car and by the driver,” Dr Logan said.
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Graham has been officially introduced to residents in Victoria. It is said residents in the state will be able to use Google Tango, the latest in immersive augmented reality technology, to look beneath Graham’s skin and better understand how his unique features would work when cushioning him from serious injury in a crash.
School curriculum has also been developed to enhance the learning experience for students visiting Graham in person, or online. The state government is reportedly sponsoring all these expenses.
source: anonhq
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