#OpSilence – Ghost Squad Hackers Target Fox News, CNN, NBC and MSN

As of June first, Ghost Squad Hackers – one of the gatherings taking an interest in #OpIcarus – have propelled a progression of composed assaults against driving individuals from the corporate 'standard' media. Recognizing a job well done, Tec.mic and Softpedia were the first to report the operation. However, their reports just tell a segment of the entire story, we will clarify why in a minute.

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s1ege @s1ege_

http://mail.foxnews.com "FOXNEWS" Email server has been smashed for 8+ hours by #GhostSquadHackers #OpSIlence

9:53 AM - 1 Jun 2016

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Comprehensively, the objective of the #OpSilence is to assault all the degenerate significant news arranges that deceive and blue pencil data from the overall population. All the more particularly, the news offices who cover the wrongdoings of Israel, while misdirecting the populace about the abuse of the Palestinian individuals. The operation is set for a snappy begin, Ghost Squad has successfully"carried out DDoS assaults on CNN and FOX News" effectively simply this month. More assaults are guaranteed, NBC and MSM seems, by all accounts, to be their next target.

Whenever Tech.mic and Softpedia introduced their scope of the hacks, they included pictures and references specifically to Anonymous. In any case, after perusing these articles, Ghost Squad had their very own message that they need everybody to listen:

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6:24 AM - 2 Jun 2016

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Its a well known fact Ghost Squad has a nearby connection with Anonymous; I am certain this is the manner by which the gathering began in any case. The gathering demands they represent themselves, they are basically attempting to get their own particular notoriety – believability.

Yet, there is a second layer to this discourse highlighting the late gap inside Anonymous. There has been a "Common War" of sorts as of late, and the notoriety of the Anonymous group all in all has been harmed. The previous winter, conspicuous hacktivist bunch Ghostsec likewise cut their ties with Anonymous. In an announcement they said "Unknown has a propensity for shooting in each heading and making inquiries later." In different meetings they infer that Anonymous has built up a notoriety for carrying on juvenile – more worried with senseless DDoS'ing assaults than changing the world.

Since the quarreling of #OpWhiteRose numerous individuals have chipped off, or left Anonymous altogether – simply one more in the not insignificant rundown of odd impacts Donald Trump has had on the whole world. Phantom Squad is one of the gatherings affected by this 'Common War.' In the time since this happened last March, the gathering has blasted onto the scene, rapidly getting to be a standout amongst the most powerful and discussed hacking bunches in the whole world in 2016.

I have doubtlessly about the roots of this operation however, this backtracks to #OpMediaControl which started last June. The operation required the hacking of each significant news system in the United States, testing their email frameworks, DDoS'ing sites, endeavoring to hack in cue guides or live bolsters – anything you could consider. Last I heard back in December, they were all the while attempting to enroll individuals to go along with them for an occasion this mid year. Sound well known to what Ghost Squad is doing well at this point?

The accompanying video was from #OpMediaControl discharge last June:

For the motivations behind precision, AnonHQ News connected with our contacts in #OpMediaControl. We gave them a review of the article and asked them what they thought. They demonstrated to us a public statement dating May 28, 2016, a video broadcasting that #OpMediaControl has been re-locked in. Obviously, #OpSilence continued to start June first. In another fascinating note, prior a month ago Anonymous Resistance Movement, one of the gatherings behind #OpMediaControl, directed a meeting with GhostSquad. So as should be obvious, the two gatherings are very much familiar with each other – these operations are no incident.

Phantom Squad might venture up from the pack here, however no doubt about it, this operation has been really taking shape for over a year and Anonymous drove the way.

Sources: Softpedia, Tech.mic, Ghost Squad Hackers, TechWorm

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