MLB's biggest surprises and disappointments of the first half

Baseball's first half is in the books, and that implies scholars and bloggers are scrambling to delete the majority of the expectations they made back in March. The primary half has been definitely not unsurprising this year with various groups beating their desires; on the other side, an entire bundle of groups (and players) can't get to the second half soon enough.

We should investigate some of baseball's greatest shocks and disillusionments from the principal half of the season:

Shock: Baltimore Orioles

The AL East should be about the Blue Jays, Red Sox, Rays, and Yankees this season. Of course, the Orioles snuck into the playoffs a couple of years prior yet that must be a fluke, isn't that so? A year ago's .500 completion was a harbinger of things to come. Basically nobody picked the O's to be in playoff dispute, yet they some way or another sit in the lead position at the break. The expansion of Mark Trumbo has given Baltimore a standout amongst the most hazardous lineups in the group, and the back of their warm up area gloats two relievers with sub-1.00 ERAs. The beginning pivot is suspect, however, and chances are they'll need to enhance their in the event that they plan to make the playoffs; yet for the present, it's been sufficient to make the Orioles one of baseball's greatest amazements in the principal half.

Disillusionment: Arizona Diamondbacks

The 2015 Offseason Champions came into this season hoping to rival the Giants and the Dodgers for the division title; rather, they're contending with the Padres and Rockies to stay out of last place. Losing A.J. Pollock for the season hurt, and their huge offseason acquisitions haven't done what's necessary to make them aggressive. Zack Greinke has been strong after a moderate begin, however Shelby Miller has been decidedly rotten and has put forth his defense to be the most noticeably awful beginning pitcher in baseball as such. It's most likely too soon to blow the entire thing up and begin once again once more, however you wouldn't have the capacity to accuse the D-Backs on the off chance that they went that course. They've been that terrible.

Typically when a hotshot player goes on a retirement visit, he'll have a couple of pleasant minutes here and there that make individuals say, "man, he was extraordinary!" at the end of the day his play reminds everybody why he's resigning. That isn't the situation with Ortiz, who's setting up MVP-gauge numbers amid his last go around. He drives the association in pairs, OBP, and slugging, is second in batting normal and RBI, and is tied for fourth in homers. He's an enormous motivation behind why the Sox are in the thick of conflict in the East and appears as though he could play a couple of more years without any issues. Ortiz, to some degree shockingly, has never won a MVP honor. What a story it would make on the off chance that he at long last wins it as he rides off into the nightfall.

Frustration: Dallas Keuchel

A year ago's Cy Young champ has surrendered 64 earned runs so far in 2016; or, precisely the same he surrendered all of a year ago in almost 50% of the innings. Keuchel was a major element in the Astros' moderate begin to the season keeping in mind they've figured out how to turn their season around, their expert still is by all accounts treading water. On the off chance that Houston has any trust of getting the Rangers in the division (or of making the Wild Card amusement), they'll require a greatly improved adaptation of Keuchel than the one that appeared in the principal half.

They were relied upon to battle, to keep pace with the Dodgers in the division, and to return to the playoffs likely as a Wild Card. The Giants have crushed those unobtrusive desires by posting the best record in baseball in the primary half, a long ways in front of the pace of their World Series-winning groups in '10, '12, and '14. Additionally amazing is they've figured out how to do it while managing long haul wounds to regulars like Hunter Pence, Matt Duffy, Joe Panik, Angel Pagan, and Matt Cain. It didn't appear to make a difference what apprentice they connected into the lineup to the primary a large portion of, the Giants simply continued winning at a pace superior to anything any other individual in the amusement. Nobody expected that.

Frustration: Jason Heyward

Consider the primary portion of the season a vindication for the individuals who laughed at Heyward being one of the most generously compensated players in the diversion. He goes into the break donning a .668 OPS while volunteering to be dropped in the lineup. The Cubs are doing fine and dandy meanwhile, yet they must be debilitated by what they've seen from their major offseason expansion. He's been the frail connection in a generally startling lineup.

No one truly realized what to make of the Indians coming into the year after their frustrating completion a season earlier. In any case, the Tribe have built up themselves as a power to be figured with in the American League, riding their everything world pitching staff to a major lead in the division while separating themselves from the Tigers, Royals and White Sox. Cleveland was an AL Central bit of hindsight in the spring after the Royals' title and the Tigers' spending spree. In any case, their first half demonstrated they're the group to beat in the division.

Disillusionment Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Did anybody anticipate that them will be this awful? (manager's note: goodness hellfire better believe it I did) The splits in the Angels' outside began to show a year ago, however despite everything they completed with a triumphant record and about won the division once more. They've been downright dreadful this season with the third-most exceedingly terrible record in the AL and no trust of turning things around. The main half indicated they're in urgent need of a noteworthy remake, which is something they presumably won't do at any rate. We as a whole knew they were an imperfect group, however it's most likely reasonable to say nobody saw this sort of first half coming.

Boston's solid history with knuckleballers proceeds. Wright, a bit of hindsight when the season started, drives the American League in ERA and complete amusements and has seemingly been the best beginning pitcher on a staff that gloats David Price. He's been one of the best stories of the principal half, topped off by an elite player appearance (despite the fact that he didn't pitch).

Dissatisfaction Matt Harvey

He's been increasingly The Dark Knight Rises rather than The Dark Knight this season, one that simply finished because of surgery for thoracic outlet disorder. Indeed, even before the surgery declaration, Harvey's numbers were enduring: a 4.86 ERA and the most reduced K/9 rate of his profession prompted a 4-10 record and a dropping out with the New York press. It was a bad dream first half for Harvey, one that the Mets trust won't wreck his promising future.
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