J.J. Redick defends the creation of NBA super teams

How about we begin here: there's no purpose behind anybody to be still be grumbling about Kevin Durant marking with the Golden State Warriors. 
It's finished. It happened. What's more, that is what it will be, paying little respect to your open profusions of sodium and "fabricated not purchased" show off ery. 
In any case, a few fans are clearly still annoyed with Durant carrying out the wrongdoing of practicing his free specialist rights. What's more, to those individuals, J.J. Redick has a message: pound sand, fellow. 
For sure, the Los Angeles Clippers monitor ascended out of the woodwork on Twitter Thursday to safeguard Durant against allegations of traitorousness and gaming the framework. 
Redick's take? The framework isn't broken. You simply require a snooze. 
There it is: a take for the players, by a player. 
Presently get off Redick's garden before he practices BOFA rights and this gets terrible. 
Dan is on Twitter. Free office isn't free. It costs a strong extravagance charge.
Since Miami formed their "superteam" in '10 there have been 5 different champs in 6 seasons. All this complaining about comp balance is 🚮.
Boston formed a "superteam" in '08 but did thru trades. Ok for teams to group greats 2gether but not for players to decide to do that?
Players should have freedom to decide where they want to play. Period.

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