International Children's Day 2016: Questioning Alberta's Promise To Children

Alberta, CAN- The year 2003 brought about Alberta’s promises to children.
Although most Albertans would know the latest hockey game scores, do Albertans know how well Alberta government is keeping up with keeping their word to support the highest good for children living in our province?
Promise number one is promoting a healthy start for children. The website says “Supporting parents during times of financial or emotional stress, and helping children avoid toxic stress.”
In the following article the plan is to support with facts, that Alberta has critically broken this promise. Children especially at a young age need their real parents. Yet when child protection steps in, even newborn infants are forced to from their birth mother for insurmountable amounts of time. In spite of the fact that no trial has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the parent(s) are being, OR were planning to be, abusive by putting the newborn baby at 'emotional abuse risk'. That is, there was no categorical way child protective services could prove that the newborn was at risk for 'potential emotional abuse' to warrant removal as the FIRST RESORT, rather than a LAST RESORT, as per the Child Youth and Family Enhancement Act, Section 2(18).

A true story in Calgary, Alberta: A woman was kept away from her newborn infant child, just because she was on prescribed opiates for pain management due to a mending broken back which she suffered at her job. When the parent discovered she was with child, she telephoned the 811 call number with concern that she was taking the pain medication. Her doctor later informed that it would be a danger to the child if she came off the opiate, since this could cause a miscarriage.
CFSA became involved as soon as the mother had given birth to her infant. However, in spite of the fact that the hospital said that the parents were most appropriate around the newborn baby; and in spite of a a presiding Family Judge Court Order that the mother could be with her baby at least four visits a week, CFSA wittingly ignored the need for an infant to be with their mother, thus deliberately forcing the family-unit apart. Later the child was returned, but not without irreparable damage to the family bond.
The statistics of families being forced apart by Alberta children’s services is staggering. Legal aid consistently turns down low and middle-class families who can’t afford lawyers to help get their children home. The financial drain on the family and the emotional trauma is at a toxic range. It is a fact that forced adoptions garner from sixty thousand dollars to ninety thousand dollars per child, and it is speculated that such monies is reason enough for CFSA to target those without financial resources to fight back in equal standing for deliberate apprehension of their children. Parents are often forced away from work due to the significant demands set upon them as a requirement to have their children returned. This often financially handicaps parents. There is great financial incentive to keep kids under the child protection umbrella. The public chooses to be ignorant about how kids in care turn out and the type of traumas they endure throughout their lives.
Statistical data demonstrates how poorly children fare under the care of child welfare and tells an indisputable truth. High rates of abuse [i.e. sexual, physical and mental] rape and neglect are rampant amongst children in governmental custody. Parents and children who speak up are often forced to be silent through threats of further alienation, intimidations and/or by gag orders. The family-of-origin is denigrated, diminished, demonized, degraded, and/or discredited by CFSA workers, who are intent on hiding the truth from the public, lest they be held accountable for their actions, or found guilty of charges of malicious negligence, breach-of-fiduciary-duty-of-care, and/or malfeasance.
Advocates for children in government care have not been quiet. As of 2013, it became a known fact that there had been hundreds of unreported deaths of children in government custody. For years, 685 child fatalities had been hidden from the public. Information was made public through investigative journalists working for the Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald. (Fatal Care series with Karen Kleiss and Darcy Henton.)
Funding for the 'due diligence' investigation of why these kids deaths happened, was removed by Alberta’s PC government. We want to know why decent, hardworking, tax-paying, voting Albertan citizens are not outraged? If civil servants hide the deaths of kids in care, what other dark secrets do they want kept silent? The public have blind faith in children’s services in spite of the fact they have continually proved to be unethical in dealings with families and children they've been entrusted. This continues to be enabled by the support of lawyers, judges, and other workers who benefit monetarily from the profit of family law courts, contracted foster care and adoption services. Most of the blame falls upon those who remain quiet in spite of disclosure about what’s happening to kids in government custody. Your silence is your consent!
Also disturbing, are media reports of coroners walking away from their government positions alleging gaps in security and intrusion on how they should write their autopsy reports. Child welfare death reports are specifically named.
We have a well-known mother and child advocate, Velvet Martin, demanding answers as to why her daughter’s brain was missing following autopsy, why a structural heart defect went unnoticed in spite her child dying by cardiac arrest; even the color of her daughter's hair was described incorrectly in the autopsy report. Significant complaints were made by various people on how poorly Samantha Martin was doing in the foster home. All this information was hidden from the family-of-origin, and outright ignored by Child and Family Services Authorities. The result of indifference for Samantha Martin was death. Did the Director of CFSA appreciate the horrific pain and anguish of Samantha’s family? Yet Albertan's are so quiet; one wonders whether anyone is really standing up for kids who are muted in their system.
So on International Children’s Day, June 1st. where will you be? Will your mind reflect back to the kids who continually watch the Alberta government's CFSA civil servants severely neglect and ignore how the children in their custody are being treated? Are the citizens pleased how their tax dollars are being spent? 'Tax dollars' used as financial incentives to keep families apart rather than unify. Those 'tax dollars' are paid to government custodians; some whose only concern is that they are adequately paid for warehousing children. And these children, forced into a hell they have to endure because civil servants who are the court ordered guardians of these children are unaccountable. We invite as many citizens as possible to sit through trials to see firsthand how families are being treated in our family courts. Specifically to observe the treatment of parents who have no choice but to self-represent. We ask you to challenge where the money is being utilized. Public pressure is required to conduct an audit on child protection, their agencies and the courts. We ask you to compare how much money CFSA puts into maintaining a child in the foster care system with keeping them in their own home.
We can provide one financial eye opener: The first year and half a mother had her child in care, she was able to see her child for eight hours a week. This left the other 168 hours per week spent with drivers, group home staff, children’s lawyers, caseworkers, supervisors, court clerks, judges, family service providers - all paid significant amounts -BUT who cannot provide unconditional love, acceptance and approval that the parent does.
Add all those costs together. So, we invite the citizens of Alberta to ask the government's Child and Family Services' Authority how they justify expenses with your hard-earned money? How can they give a parent ONLY eight hours of in-home support, yet manage to pay gross amounts of money to all of these civil servants for a year and a half? (In many cases, three or more years to indefinitely.) In the meantime, forcing families apart even before a guilty verdict has been established. These are years of a child's life, stolen. For what purpose? To wittingly produce government-induced terrorized and traumatized children as well as their family-of-origin, and then to demand a further infusion of tax payer's dollars to 'fix' the government-induced problem? It's a government-induced atrocity. Truly Alberta’s promise is unkept. Clearly one can see why the child protection industry does not benefit from keeping families together.
Currently, online families oppressed by the child protection industry are banding together to speak up. Silence, stigma, shame and intimidation have been tools to keep this child-stealing industry thriving. We invite you to stand with us. Please examine and share the links below. One voice may be quieted, BUT many voices together cannot be muted.

Did You Know That...

...children 'arrested and incarcerated' into government custody, to be raised by the State are:
  • 60% more likely to die while in government custody;
  • 6 times more likely to die than if they stayed in an abusive household;
  • 5 times more likely to attempt suicide

  • 7-8 times more likely to be abused while in government custody;
  • 75% of children were abused while in government custody;
  • 28 times more likely to be sexually abused while in government custody
  • more likely to end up homeless with
  • nearly half becoming homeless when they age-out at 18 years
  • 1:10 children raised in government 'custody', will NEVER AGAIN have a home; more than
  • 60% of homeless youths are runaways from government custody, and report being raped, assaulted or robbed
  • 24% of the children raised in government custody, age out to be 'homeless' for the rest of their lives;
  • 16% of kids-in-kustody, suffered three or more types of abuse, i.e. abuse [physical &/or verbal], &/or neglect
  • 53% of those 16 percent suffered from depression and
  • 40% of the above 16%, had full or partial PTSD; the aftermath of which could be seen on their brainscans,
  • 6% of those 40 percent above, showed in brain scans that there were changes in two parts of the hippocampus, and
  • 4% of the above 40% of the brainscans, showed reductions in regions of the subiculum and presubiculum, when compared with the general population who had NOT been abused
  • 30% of antibiotics were prescribed needlessly
  • 55% of children with ADHD receive psych services, which could include behavioural therapy; with
  • 75% of the above 55% of children with ADHD, receiving a medical prescription for behaviour management;
  • 7 times more likely to develop an eating disorder while in custody
  • 12 times more likely to be given psychotropic medications as other low-income children living with their family
  • 85% of kids-in-kustody raised by government custodians have behaviour management problems/disorders;
  • 63% of the children who live in government custody, turn to criminal activity
  • 60% of youth in government custody, get involved in prostitution or trafficking
  • 83% of all 'runaways' are children in government custody;
  • 20% of kids-in-kustody are more likely to be arrested while in government custody;
  • 74% of incarcerated prison inmates have been in government custody as children
  • 80% of inmates for life, in our prisons, have been in government custody as children;
  • 50% more likely to have below-average grades while in government custody;
  • 71% of children raised in government custody become high-school drop outs; less than
  • 3% of children in government custody go on to do undergraduate degrees;
  • 1 out of 17 child abuse reports is an actual case of abuse, leaving
  • 16 innocent families who will suffer the destruction of their family unit for no 'valid' reason
  • 67% of child abuse reports are false;
  • 33% of child abuse complaints are filed in which the children are taken needlessly
  • 60-90% of the ‘substantiated’ reports DO NOT MEET statutory definition of abuse or neglect; MORE THAN
  • 70% of kids 'arrested and incarcerated into government custody' are later discovered to have been wrongfully taken, AND
  • 100% of kids, after they age-out from government custody, require mental health support the rest of their life!
When government child welfare and protection civil servants 'arrest and incarcerate' innocent children into government custody, the message these civil servants, and all who collude with them, are sending to the family-of-origin, is that 'strangers' traumatizing already traumatized children, can do a better job of raising the children -- than the family-of-origin, is, can, or ever will be able to.
“It strikes [us] as being problematic when the government takes over the role of a 'parent' and then is unable to answer taxpayers, the public and the media with respect to how well these children are doing and how good of a job the government is doing as parents when they remove these children.”
~Nicolas Trocme, Dir. Centre for Research on Children and Families; Prof. of Social Work, McGill University.

*Special thanks to AnonResistance*
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