How It Felt to Drive a Ford GT in the 24 Hours of Le Mans

So another Le Keeps an eye on 24 hours is in the books and what an outcome for Passage to win on our rebound to this extraordinary race. The folks in the 68 made a phenomenal showing with regards to all week and the group was completely impeccable to run practically the ideal race and draw off the win. What's more, it was an awesome execution from the entire group to have the quality inside and out to get all autos home with the 69 in third, 66 fourth and "my" 67 ninth. It was protected to say the gathering on the Sunday night went well into the "small hours" as my partner Marino Franchitti would say.

Sadly for Marino, Andy and myself, the 67 auto endured a few issues which took us out of conflict for the win and especially into a supporting part for the other three autos. We had a gearbox weight issue while in transit to the framework, which implied Andy was stuck in third apparatus, and seeing the auto wheeled off the lattice before the begin was a standout amongst the most gutting sights I've had in my profession.

The Portage Chip Ganassi Dashing folks figured out how to do a brisk fix to get the auto out just two laps down as the race had begun under Security Auto conditions. That would have allowed us to return, however fast fixes are truly not what you requirement for a 24 hour race. We were soon back in for protracted repairs which implied we were around 25 laps down on the pioneers before we could rejoin the race.

I was in the back of the carport gazing at the auto in dismay as the 67 group went to work repairing the gearbox issues with folks from the 66, 68 and 69 helping in the way they could. Be that as it may, then a standout amongst the most celebrated individuals in the entire world strolled into our carport: Brad Pitt. Right then and there I didn't crave conversing with anybody yet I pondered internally, I will in the end get over not winning Le Keeps an eye on in 2016, but rather would I ever get over not visiting to Brad Pitt when I had the open door? Whatever I can say is that he was one of the friendliest individuals I met all week and appeared to be really keen on what I needed to say. He asked me what the issue was with the auto and put his arm round my shoulder and said expressed gratitude toward me for conversing with him since he thought I "must cry inside." He was right. I inquired as to whether he fancied doing a "Patrick Dempsey" keeping in mind he didn't seem like he had any arrangements to pull a head protector on intensely, the indications of a film on Le Keeps an eye on would be really marvelous in the event that they worked out as expected!

Back to the race and I was hugely pleased with the entire group for their endeavors to recover the auto on track. We were truly flying once the auto was running on tune. The greatest resource of the Portage group is the way hard we work all in all to get the right result. Presently this is awesome PR line for media meetings (and might I venture to say it, magazine sections!) however I was pleased to have the capacity to help the other three autos by giving them as much data as we could.

Amid the race we attempted diverse downforce, tire, brake and pit stop systems to give the other three autos all the confirmation they expected to make the best procedure calls at various parts of the race. It's one thing to say it, another to get out there and do it in the greatest race of all.

By Sunday morning it was a reasonable battle between the 68 and the Risi Ferrari and it was astounding that there was such a nearby fight following 20 hours of hustling. Portage versus Ferrari 50 years on, you couldn't compose it! I got in the auto for the last two hours of the race and continually requested redesigns over the radio. It was an astounding background for me to be the driver to cross the completion line at Le Keeps an eye on. It was the first run through in my 3 years at the race that I'd be the one to finish the last lap and I wasn't the one and only to see the Toyota stopped up on the right hand side of the begin/complete straight as I began the last lap. I at first thought it was the sister auto sitting tight for the lead auto to come through however having looked at the goliath screen on the way out of the Dunlop chicane and seeing all the Porsche folks in the carport, I knew something was up! You can't articulate how gutted I was for Anthony Davidson and whatever remains of the group, genuinely unfathomable good fortune.

I eased back to sit tight for Stefan Mucke on the last lap and we went too far together, Portage Chip Ganassi Group UK both completing on our arrival to Le Keeps an eye on. Having stopped up in parc ferme just before the passage to the pit path, Stefan and I went through the Portage Chicane rock trap to ascend on the tire divider before the Passage Accommodation to wave our gratitude to the 600 or so visitors we had there on Sunday. We had so much backing going into the race from Portage representatives, proprietors, merchants and fans far and wide and it was a genuine honor to have the capacity to race for them. Their eagerness genuinely drove us forward and I was pleased to the point that we could convey the outcome they needed.

Our auto was absolutely one of the fastest GTs on the track. It was a bizarre position for me to be in actually. I sensed that I was back to how I felt when I was 10 or 11 years in karting, simply driving for unadulterated satisfaction and adrenaline. Once in a while in expert motorsport do you get an opportunity to drive for a long time, simply taking a shot at your own system and getting a charge out of being out on track with no weight or fights to stress over. I just totally changed off from the race itself and doused up the snippet of driving one of the best tracks on the planet, in an unbelievable auto and benefited as much as possible from it. It was truly an awesome affair until you get out the auto having driven level out for three hours to discover you are currently just 24 laps behind the pioneer!

It was a mind blowing Le Keeps an eye on to have been a piece of, some say one of the best in numerous a year. Furthermore, to be in a group that won their class and have had influence of that achievement is exceptionally uncommon. Obviously, I needed to remain on the top stride of the platform myself, yet I'll back. Furthermore, I met Brad Pitt, relatively few individuals can say that!

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