Herman-to-Baylor rumors blowing at full gale

On Thursday, a Texas-sized talk moved through school football and cleared SEC Media Days to the sidebar.

A few reports turned out that Houston Cougars head mentor Tom Herman had met with Baylor to wind up the project's new head mentor. Said bits of gossip were rapidly shot around Herman, who reacted, "Reports of any contact amongst me and whatever other schools are totally strange and completely false."

So the intelligent inquiries are: the place does this now abandon us, and what does everything mean?

We are at square zero. On the off chance that reasoning in material science terms of separation and relocation, we've gone far to return to the starting.

A few correspondents' sources are affirming. Herman is denying. Baylor has, to this point, said nothing. We, as an aggregate gathering, know nothing absolutely.

With respect to what everything implies, well if nothing else it's an interesting situation to sort out - particularly given that this all comes one day after Mack Rhoades was named Baylor's new athletic executive. Rhoades, Houston's AD from 2009-15, contracted Herman in December 2014.

For Baylor, landing Herman would be an upset the span of Michigan drawing Jim Harbaugh home or Ohio State persuading Urban Meyer out of retirement. Picture the scene in Pulp Fiction where Vincent jams an adrenaline infusion into Mia's heart - that is what we're discussing here.

The Bears were national title contenders ahead of schedule in the offseason, yet then the outrage that had been hanging over the project peaked, the college president was expelled, Art Briles was terminated and the group has been discharging initiates from that point forward. Jim Grobe, an enduring hand, was acquired to even things out, however he's a provisional Band-Aid on a vast injury.

Herman has title family - having won a title while hostile organizer at Ohio State. He additionally has the head-honing slashes - managing Houston to a 13-1 record and a Peach Bowl triumph over Florida State in Year 1 at work. He is the "it" mentor with solid binds to the condition of Texas. Bringing him on is an easy decision. Briles set a model for achievement - powerful offenses - that Herman could without much of a stretch take after, while likewise annihilating any far from the-field issues.

Keeping in mind such a move bodes well for the Bears, the same can't be said for Herman. Being the country's top training prospect implies he'll have his pick of the litter if and when he chooses to leave Houston.

Given the condition of Texas Longhorns football, the country's most lucrative (if not most prestigious) occupation could be open five months from now. Charlie Strong sits on the most sultry seat in America, and an unremarkable season means he's out the entryway in Austin.

Past that, ought to Herman need it, the Baylor occupation will even now be there one year from now. Grobe is a stopgap who will inevitably offer route to a more youthful more practical open door. It just bodes well for Herman to practice persistence, perceive how Texas performs and after that settle on a choice in light of what openings come around. Likewise, if the trapdoor totally falls open at Baylor, the system will probably set up more cash for a speedy revival.

As it were: somehow there will be a dump truck brimming with cash moving down to Herman's home toward the end of the 2016 season. He has practically zero motivation to kickstart any arrangements as of now - other than to appear there might be an enthusiasm for what's to come. For the time, however, tolerance is the name of the diversion.

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