Anonymous Tops The List – The Top 5 Most Active (Trending) Hacktivists Groups In 2016

Another study by Surf Watch Labs, an online organization overseeing digital risk insight, annals how Anonymous proceeds with their rein of strength inside the online activism development. All information included, Anonymous creates more than 5x the quantity of online action than the second place finisher. With respect to the next main 5 "hacktivists" gathers, these incorporate Turk Hack Team, New World Hacking, Ghost Squad and GhostSec – no those aren't the same group.


As per the information, the main 5 Anonymous Operations this year were as per the following: #OpTrump, #OpKillingBay, #OpWhales, #OpIsrael, #OpAfrica. You can read more about each of these operations beneath.

#OpTrump – announces war-on-donald-trump/

#OpKillingBay –

#OpWhales – hacks-97-destinations in-japan-in-dissent against-whaling/

#OpIsrael –

#OpAfrica –


Despite the fact that these operations were the most dynamic around the world, none of them was without any help the greatest. This honor allegedly has a place with Anonymous Philippines for their complete assault of the Philippine races. The hack itself was completed by Anonymous Philippines and Lulzsec Pilipinas. The break itself influenced 55 million voters, a few banks, news organizations and is viewed as one of the greatest government information ruptures ever.

In later times, #OpIcarus has been making the most features. To date, the operation has seen the assault of 18 separate banks, challenging wage disparity and money related debasement on a worldwide scale.

Perused More About #OpIcarus Here:

While the report calls attention to how Anonymous proceeds with its strength among the online positions, it likewise offers the conversation starter, where have the various hacktivists gone? Two or three years back, after the captures of the PayPal hack, the FBI turned out with the declaration broadcasting they had crushed and destroyed Anonymous. An announcement to which Anonymous reacted by saying they got all the wrong individuals, the noobs who joined in not knowing how to secure themselves – Anonymous is a thought and you can not capture a thought.

Be that as it may, throughout the previous quite a long while, as the study references, online hacktivism has been persistently on the decay. Surf Watch takes note of how three of the other top slanting gatherings from earlier years, Lizard Squad, The Syrian Electronic Army The Armada Collective, have completely dropped off the guide by and large.


The study does not specify the accompanying subtle elements, but rather they do recount the narrative of the decay of these gatherings. For instance, the Syrian Electronic Army is not a "hacktivist" bunch, it is a terrorist bunch. The FBI likewise put a $100,000 abundance on data prompting the capture of individuals from this gathering prior this year – an abundance which intrigued numerous Anonymous programmers. It is nothing unexpected then, given the circumstances, that the gathering would go dull.

Concerning Lizard Squad, they are basically a gathering of youngsters who's image of "hacktivism" involves keeping other kids from playing computer games for a couple of hours on end. They are more irritating than outstanding, a stretch to order them as activists.

There was an Anonymous operation not long ago known as #OpCollapsedMine which focused on the Our Mine Hacking Group – in charge of commandeering and delivering innumerable YouTube accounts. Inside two weeks, BlackSec doxxed the pioneers of the gathering and the Anonymous Intelligence Agency reported them to DIS – Germany and the FBI. Inside 48 hours their Twitter and page went down and they weren't got notification from once more. Given the accomplishment of #OpCollapsedMine, there was discussion of following Lizard Squad for the same reasons.

There is maybe another clarification for the decay of Anonymous and online activism and this is the expanding separate between its individuals. The American decisions have turned into a hot catch for individuals around the globe, a feeling in any support will be amazingly polarizing. This divisive talk is not one of a kind to political circles, it has extended into general society and yes, even Anonymous. Numerous individuals in Anonymous are annoyed with others for taking political positions or adjusting political sentiment at all with Anonymous, thus there has been a common War of sorts inside Anonymous.

On the off chance that you read anything on our Facebook page and look down through the remarks area, you will see no less than one bellicose individual calling Anonymous a trick – we are all feds they say, spare yourself! Regardless of the possibility that Anonymous isn't a scheme, the intrigue to call Anonymous a connivance, is a trick. Whether this originates from the government attempting to partition Anonymous, or adversary hacking bunches attempting to cut us down, none the less, it is just adding to the decay of the system.

Sources: TechWorm, Surf Watch Labs

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