Anonymous Sets to Attack Denver’s Mayor for His Cruel Treatment of the Homeless

Anonymous has officially served a stern warning to the mayor of the city of Denver in the state of Colorado, to stop his cruel treatment against the homeless in the city, or face the wrath of the collective.
According to reports, the city’s mayor, Michael Hancock has ordered the demolition of temporal shelters belonging to homeless people in the city. He is also said to have approved a ban on illegal camping sites across the city where many of the city’s homeless lived.
As he implemented these policies against the homeless, he never made any arrangement, or effort, to get them into permanent housing where they could get shelter to fulfill one of the basic necessities of life.
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It is against this background that the hacktivists have released a video, warning Mayor Hancock to change the way he is treating the homeless, or they will release documents that allegedly link him to a prostitution ring. The hacktivist group claim to have proof that Mayor Hancock was a client of a prostitution ring linked to American football team, the Denver Players in 2011.
The Denver Players Scandal broke in 2011, in which some influential people in the city were fingered to be engaging in prostitution. A book known as the Denver Players Club Black Book was said to contain the names and details of those who patronized the services of the prostitutes. When the scandal broke, the Black Book strangely disappeared. It was believed city officials interfered in the investigations, stealing the book from the police in order to protect the identities of the influential people involved in the secret trade.
But the hacktivists said they have a copy of the pages from the book that disappeared. The pages are said to contain the personal details of Mayor Hancock.
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The warning video is titled Anonymous #OpBlackBook ‘A Call to Arms.’ The representative for #OpBlackBook is seen speaking eloquently and directly to Mayor Hancock. First posted on YouTube, it later went viral on many alternative news networks online.
“Greetings Mayor Michael Hancock, we have been waiting for you to respond for our most recent request, but we find ourselves growing impatient of your foot dragging. We plan to expose what has been hidden for years. With the powers of Anonymous bearing down on you and your corrupt cronies, it’s only a matter of time until we uncover the dirt you been trying to hide from the community you lied your way into leading, from the depths of your closet. No skeleton will be left unturned. We are now asking for you to restore the rights of the homeless, nay, demanding, and resign as an elected official. You have failed to protect those in vulnerable living conditions, you have failed your civic and moral duties as a public official, and you have failed those you purport to govern in your continual lapse of honesty,” warns the video.

Mayor Hancock is yet to comment on the video. Many people who have watched the video online have commended Anonymous for standing up to defend the weak and vulnerable in society. Social observers also said this act by Anonymous will serve as a signal to elected representatives that they cannot take decisions based on their whips and caprices to the detriment of the collective good of the society.

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