Amidst National Protests, Anonymous Introduces #OpBlackFlare

Amidst unprecedented protests around the United States against the rise of police corruption and brutality, Anonymous has officially joined the cause. This weekend, anons of the IRC introduced#OpBlackFlare, an operation rooted in ending police corruption and exposing the officers behind it.
Anonymous has claimed to have hacked the national police database and now has information on every police officer serving inside the United States today. Anonymous also understands that for the most part, police officers are good and are doing their best to serve society and their communities. For this reason, Anonymous will not blindly release all the data. Instead, Anonymous promises to hold the information and will only dox officers found to have abused the system, abuse the rights of others or who are involved in police shootings. In addition to this, Anonymous promises comprehensive ddos attacks against the web pages of the respective departments involved.
In a press release, the group stated notes: “Let us make certain that we do NOT call for an all-out war against the police, and also ask people who fight the police to give up arms. Let us not forget that they are our designated protectors and most of them do their jobs diligently, keeping their lives on the line at almost a regular basis. The acts of a single policeman should not affect others who perform their duties with utmost sincerity. Just like the people who become unnecessary casualties in this pointless war, they too have a family and a life. You should always plan your actions ahead of time, make sure not to do anything stupid.
*Please share the video below and re-upload the video for yourself  on your own channels. Anonymous sincerely hopes you will let your collective voices be heard by participating in demonstrations around the country to bring further awareness to an issue that effects the lives of us all. Aside from taking a stand on an important issue, you will be exercising your civic duty as a citizen. *
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