About the Authors part 2

About the Authors
Hailing from Hampshire in the UK, Paul O’Brien is a freelance web designer
specializing in CSS layouts. After selling a successful packaging business back in
1998 he was all set for a quiet existence, dabbling with his hobby of web design.
However, what started out as a hobby soon became a full-time occupation as the
demand for well-coded CSS layouts started growing. Even when he’s not working,
he can be found giving out helpful advice in the SitePoint Forums where he has
racked up nearly 20,000 posts, all of which are CSS-related.
Paul’s other passion is karate, which he has studied continuously for 35 years. He
currently holds the rank of Third Dan (Sandan) in Shotokan karate, so I wouldn’t
argue with him if I were you!
Tommy Olsson is a pragmatic evangelist for web standards and accessibility, who
lives in the outback of central Sweden. Visit his blog at
About the Expert Reviewers
The always excitable Natalie Downe works for Clearleft, in Brighton, as a client-side
web developer. An experienced usability consultant and project manager, her first
loves remain front-end development and usability engineering. She enjoys Doing
Things Right and occasionally dabbling in the dark art of Python and poking the
odd API.
Roger Johansson is a web professional with a passion for web standards,
accessibility, and usability. He spends his days developing web sites at Swedish
web consultancy NetRelations, and his evenings and weekends writing articles for
his personal sites, http://www.456bereastreet.com/ and
About the Technical Editor
Andrew Tetlaw has been tinkering with web sites as a web developer since 1997
and has also worked as a high school English teacher, an English teacher in Japan,
a window cleaner, a car washer, a kitchen hand, and a furniture salesman. At
SitePoint he is dedicated to making the world a better place through the technical

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