1st Annual Anonymous Family Celebration – July 2, 2016

The first Annual Anonymous Family Celebration!

Mark your timetable for the greatest worldwide gathering in history


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Mysterious does as such much good, witnesses so much terrible. It's the ideal opportunity for a little break, time to praise us… . Mysterious! Surprisingly, we're going to celebrate being Anonymous.

We are here for one objective, to better our reality. We have accomplished so much together and will keep on doing quite a lot more. Its time for some happy fun, TOGETHER.

One night, one heart, one cause. We will join together, without global limits and commend who we are.

Regardless of who or where you are, whether only you're or accumulate a gathering of 10000, we will celebrate as one.

Your nearby bar, you're family room, your stadium, with or without covers, we need you to celebrate. On Saturday July second simply take a vacation day from the world and make it a point to set aside some spare time to accomplish something you appreciate. Something we would all be able to bear to have a greater amount of in our lives.

You can host an anon get-together. You need to demonstrate it, we need to see it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We have an AAFC Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Annual-Anonymous-Family-Celebration-AAFC-846527702123636

Post selfies and hold up indications of accomplishments we have fulfilled. Even better, post indications of accomplishments you might want to see for the fate of Anonymous. For instance, snatch some cardboard and compose #OpSafeWinter. How about we take this opportunity to impart to the world why Anonymous is cheerful to celebrate together, as a family. We should be pleased with what we have accomplished and demonstrate to them why.

Regardless of the time zone, we will be as one at this time in history demonstrating the world our adoration and our solidarity. Our bond can never be broken. Lets take one minute in our lives to praise that.

We might want you to share this where you can. We understand not all Anons can visit this page so lets spread the news. It would be ideal if you post your neighborhood festivity here so others may get in touch with you and join.

Post To AAFC Forum Home:

This is the start of something stunning and I can't hold up to see all of you in July. Lets keep this pushing ahead.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. Joined as one. Separated By Zero. We don't pardon. We keep in mind. Expect us

**Script By: MoneyPenney | Video by: Atomic_Venom**

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