Worlds MOST FEARED DARPA Technology for US

March holidays superhuman strength swim fast sound impossible one shot Elite u.s. agency is making all this and more after the agency that's America's Secret Weapon Even though he never heard the name drive past this complex on A Street near Washington DC and it looks like any other office building there's no logo on the outside now and it works here but the defense Advanced research projects agency in Seymour Indiana the defense department DARPA and able to game changing military breakthroughs that others dismissed as a positive I have an idea for a new tank is not going to be interested thanks DARPA has granted National Geographics filmmakers unprecedented access to closely guarded Labs remote Proving Ground and underwater test areas you have a perfectly under control Then we are escorted to the only room where interviews can be conducted sometimes questions hit a brick wall Ways to spot hidden threats in a row to designing Hypersonic jets that can fly more than five times the speed of sound. But tackles what they called DARPA hard problems we're having a problem it's really difficult you just say that's too hard today and if you have no idea New kind of Terror that has transformed the nature of combat America's warfighters having virgin need for new weapons and defenses to fight a hidden enemy with attacks are unexpected and deadly How to defend our troops against rocket propelled grenade in Iraq RPGs are at leading cause of combat death they are cheap to make fast and free RPGs can be fired from anywhere and reach their targets in second a seemingly Unstoppable threat DARPA solution a revolutionary technology called Iron Curtain And such as Rockefeller grenades many RPGs are so powerful they can penetrate a concrete wall or a foot of solid steel it takes an RPG about a tenth of a second to travel 15 yards to its Target 16th St Extracting just inches from the vehicle itself but can it be done at a remote site on the Utah Salt Flats scientists prepared to test the Iron Curtain system on an armored Humvee it's about to be subjected to an attack by simulated RPG fire This is the radar antenna so they can track the RPG as it comes in the second sensor that sees it as there is a wall along here there's an optical sensor and has the RPG's lies underneath were able to select the exact point the countermeasure that has an effect on the exact point that you wanted to now since we can't have explosive countermeasures on the test that we're doing out here today we use instead of system that will call them and without the lights and said the exact same speed 3000 frames per second we can see precisely where the county manager would have had the army today's test will require pinpoint radar detection of the incoming threat and an instant trigger of the countermeasure system before the test the equipment must be calibrated stay in the air cannon precisely using a laser that's good We have a system that GPS guidance system around the track so that we can conduct experiments a completely unmanned 32120 Only by examining the data can technicians tell if Iron Curtain work in the critical time frame required footage shot by their high speed camera indicates that the sensors detected the incoming RPG Direct the countermeasures word effectively been deployed in time to stop the RPG and about one-tenth of a second the Utah test of the Iron Curtain system using simulated RPGs is a success but an iron curtain up Deadly Alliance RPG fire in the case of iron currently have had terminations where the system didn't work as planned In June 2008 the Iron Curtain system is tested again with live fire we had a lot of consonants Tekkit with the radar and when I told our countermeasure where to shoot shot it held our breath and sure enough we have the RPG when overweight the RDX explosive off the vehicle and congratulate yourself and on that particular company we only had three eighths inch armor for much and we have five RPGs at it so you can see impact Point 5 RPGs on that vehicle and we stop so he doesn't come out until he exactly is a countermeasure to say behind the scenes Cells are more Fighters must rely on 30 pounds of body armor for protection with the rest of their gear they must shoulder as much as 125 pounds to give them the extra strength they need DARPA goes to a place where fact and science fiction scientist Steve Jacobson at Raytheon sarcos a leading robotics company in Salt Lake City is working to create a new breed of soldier with superhuman Powers is creation the exoskeleton combines a man and a machine to offer extraordinary strength if you put 200 pounds of body armor on somebody right now they're going to walk about 300 feet The XO skeleton mirrors the human body a computer network serves as its nervous system hydraulic valves and actuators function as muscles and it's skeleton is made of aluminum the challenge of putting a person inside of machine is a daunting one putting around a person with all sorts of places for your skin Text Jameson where is what is probably the most advanced design currently being tested by a human operator the risk is going to do something to amplify The Operators and make him stronger Everything We can pick it up and there's no effort at all and continually surprises me it feels like I'm working properly fill in 200 pounds Soldier boxes all day long with 35-pound ammunition no I've been home and left without much problem but after lifting 20 of them they're going to be tired by Richard skeleton hand combat performance of the war and the exoskeleton is more than strong Nearest Quick very precise surprising given how it has happened Climb into really What percent of the Army is adapting the exoskeleton for Supply Handler to help our troops bear the burdens of War but strength and stamina are not enough Warfighter survival depends on locating the Animal answers that mean Spotting an enemy sniper on a rooftop before he spots you 10 miles away just wanted to let you know that looks can be deceiving Has GPS and has a magnetometer all of these things without a full-sized airplanes are found in the package less than 26 inches and weighs less than a pound each stage or block of the one produced by aerovironment Corporation was supervised by DARPA program manager Leo Chris Potter Is this one which is a higher-resolution camera but he could also have night vision camera for Indie could have an extra battery to give increase endurance You will go to a rally car and we'll go to specific location in the walls has already proved effective on Covert combat missions where it can be used to help detect Cypress for terrorist hideouts or one of the kids By having the backpack here is a micro air vehicle single man Spy camera control aircraft Armored vehicle somewhere out on the Range way out there and I'm going to find it with just the target vehicle doesn't stop until it's far beyond his line of sight lost in the distance Powered by an electric motor the last block 3 in travel at a speed of up to 40 miles per hour it's capable of line for 45 minutes to a distance as far as 3 miles away from an operator New camera here. Basically able to find a vehicle even more surprising than his designs When they break apart dinner just enjoy the peace parts may fall apart but then you can pick him up if you can put them back together again What part of Milwaukee was start of fast in terms of getting it into that has a video for a 2013 Trans Am have to go buy stuff little bird that everything that they were fighting with the WASP DARPA helps with the element of surprise on our side and surprise has always been part of darpa's DNA since the day that she was found in one of them

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