Top-Secret Project to Build Flying Cars

he Google Co-Founder, Larry Page, has been secretly designing and developing prototypes of flying cars for the past 6 years. Page has also personally invested largely into, not only one, but two aviation startups that are fully devoted into developing flying cars.
One of the startup companies that Page has funded, is known as Zee.Aero. With just over $100 million in funding since their creation in 2010, Page has also been funding another organization, Kitty Hawk, since the early months of last year. They are also reportedly working on competing designs for the flying car designs.
Zee.Aero filed a patent in 2012, which provides a description of a personal aircraft that is “capable of vertical take-off and landing,” as well as “vertical and horizontal thrust in a controlled fashion to allow for hover, transition and cruise flight.”  It also states that the personal aircraft is also “safe, quite, and efficient, as well as easy to control, and highly compact.”

The Kitty Hawk organization has been reported as developing their own craft that resembles a large version of the ‘Quadcopter Drone’. While the mere idea and concept of flying cars is still appearing completely ridiculous, experts are saying that there are more superior materials, autonomous navigation systems, as well as any other technical advances, which have convinced a large and growing number of investors and inventors alike.
Just the mere thought of a blossoming future where flying cars are the typical norm; how will one navigate the skies without proper signs to inform us of the roads below us? Luckily, Amazon has also proposed the designating of different layers within the sky, to achieve a variety of drone activities.
Larry Page has personally funded the company since 2010 with the demand that his involvement will remain hidden from the general public. Much like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk before hand, Page is utilizing his personal fortune in order to ‘pave the future’ with flying cars.
The company, Zee.Aero, has now employed over 140 individuals. Their operations have also expanded to an airport hanger in Hollister, where a pair of the prototypes of the aircraft are able to take off on regular test flights. Zee.Aero also has obtained a manufacturing facility at NASA’s Ames Research Center campus, located just at the edge of Mountain View. According to two people that have well-known knowledge of the company, Page has invested over $100 million on Zee.Aero to keep it afloat.
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