This is poor ....

This is poor .... we should all learn to be grateful for every good thing, good moment, good bite, good person in our lives. I'll bet everyone reading this has more on any day than this little fella has had ever ... and we no doubt complain more every day of our lives than he ever has. Let his face inspire us to appreciate.

Children and wars can only hurt them,...and to see so many becoming orphans and so afraid of their lives, this is not fair to these young children..please pray for them for they do not have another soul to help them.

Poverty - if this doesn't break your heart, perhaps, you should check to see you have one!


Paraguay by Steve McCurry This breaks my heart but it also makes me so angry. In one part of the world people are buying yachts and in another part there are children starving to death. Something so incredibly wrong with that.

People around the world increasingly need help to work, eat, be healthy and live with dignity.

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