The Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion

Subway I forgot to wonder exactly was that Christ died but I know that we are told repeatedly that he died on the cross but from a medical standpoint actually what's good cuz how you get death I am I need to mention some individuals are written on the subject most of the information exactly given will be taken from my research and Roman history various books and a large extent to an article by a doctor each room and Davis is a period in the end of an article which appeared in the Arizona medical association magazine in the 1960 title the crucifixion I have been concerned because of several things number one I do not believe that Christ was a Meek mild anemia end up little and I cannot picture him that way and yet that's the type of pictures that we offer see what Christ must have looked like at the time he was on Earth as you know the area around Jerusalem is very very much like a desert area very similar to my own home. And we know that Christ was one place to another he was not an individual who was able to go by car he had to walk the dusty highways and as such he had to be a much stronger individual and normally portrayed in fact I have always thought that most of the trails out in make it look as if he is either an email or in the very last stages of tuberculosis and I do not believe that Christ was that way and so I began to study a bit about what actually happened when a person with crucify then when they wear skirts from the standpoint of Roman history and so I want to share with you some of those Impressions and the summer of the medical reasons that we begin the project as soon as possible cause of Christ as we know that was a very quiet day and we know that Christ and his apostles were at the house of Mary with a productive than what we would normally call the last supper and then following that time price with at least three of them sideways bigger change on cross the street on his way to the Garden of Gethsemane that I wouldn't have to mention the addition probably drunk when he crossed it because this would have a great effect emotionally on almost any other particularly if he knew that he was going to have to go through the process cell a sacrifice for us For the Passover they were thousands of animals that were slaughtered and as they were slaughtered on the altar there was a Groove and that alternative truck left the keys on the creek so that they could probably was running red with blood they would not have been unusual it was that way quite often when the price of class at 3 and then we're going to probably what was the temple area it would have been covering the walls and you probably remember them that great sermon that he gave I am the vine and you are the branches he went from there then to disseminate and we're told that he went up come out to 78233 different times he has three Apostles to wait and pray with him while he was on the mountain is each time as you know they were asleep when he came down to talk to them but one time when he was on the mountain praying it weird I told him the scripture is that that they sweat poured from a man as blood actually I suppose in the vernacular we would have to say that he sweated blood during the time he was four years I've tried to explain that away there's no need to there is a medical condition called him at his throat statement is proses it's recognized condition it is a condition whereby a person under a great deal of stress will have the little capillaries in the face of each other each of the sweat glands rupture so that is 24 small for the great emotion blood that has lost another copious amount that I said that to recognize medical conditions we do not have claimed it away certainly it would give us an idea about the emotional aspect of the prayers of Christ on the mountain before he returned the Garden of Gethsemane usually and I'm not a Christmas person with this condition of a map of roses with to go into shock because of blood loss and very often they die but it's enough to be said that since our body is covered with thousands and thousands and millions of sweat glands can give the little capillaries at the base of a sweat gland were to rupture and the person who remembers amount of blood after his hairs on the garden at 7 a.m. he went down and with his disciples and about midnight we were told that a large company of Roman soldiers of the word that you wouldn't normally be in a group of about 600 men who came to arrest him now I'm wondering why did they send six hundred men to arrest one man well in fact if we had a great leader these days just a few days before it then followed into town as it came with crowds of people praising him and he shot it was not spreading rumors that probably isn't past we would probably expect that if we were going to arrest such a leader that we must Absolutely. I'll take care of her mom said about her not there as we know I think this is rather interesting though that those two hundred men according to one place in scripture where cause to fall backward To The Ground by a simple free Words of Christ those three words that where I am he as someone said where is this place that they were looking for a price that I am here and one of the scripture says he said that the all of the Roman soldiers fell backward to the ground now we know because important for us to realize it makes us realize exactly what the sacrifice of Christ was alive because he could have stopped the whole procedure at any time he didn't know what he was going to the suffering and yet by three simple words group of soldiers another being Managing a price on replacing here doing some of his Mercedes and his love for mankind even the adversary and he informed Peter that if I had wanted Legions of angels I could have had Legions of angels to resist arrest so you see he could have called on Legions of angels to stop it or he could buy his own words and stop the whole procedure he chose not to do so and he chose not to do so because he knew that what you must do I say that particularly to prevent some people from having the idea that Christ wish to not have to go through the crucifixion enough that on the mound and prayers he said ask his father to think of him as possible let this cup pass from me that was not what he was not trying to offend what are you doing let's go he was willing to sacrifice his life for us and I think he had in mind all the time that we're discussing the crucifixion after he was arrested somewhere around midnight he was taken to the house of it was not really the chief priests but this was no trial at any time because it actually was Time Crisis see if list of physical blows on the spot upon that actually he was struck by at least one soldier because you refuse to end? So he underwent a great deal of abuse remember also that he has one syllable this week after having been at the Last Supper and had lost a great deal of getting a blood on break so I normal man would have been a week and probably not that night we know that he was taken back and forth from during the night Last 130 week so he's gone through also Take him to file if you know the story and I won't go into all the questions and all of them I know the details except that it seems that pilot fella that he did not want any part of this execution a $0.90 price to Herod Herod then of course I also did not want any part of it and send it back to Pilot pilot was forced to do something we are told to Simply that after a period of time pilot decided I had 90 State I find nothing wrong in this but the crowd still call for his crucifixion then we're totally pilot car prices for this is an unusual situation for crucifixion discouraging when she was not necessary and scratching itself very often  Roman history well in the first place the end of his clothes and then Pulled up in that way I could not moving forward and backward 6414 blower price was suspended and this way I would have answered I was in the end of the Roman Center pediatric urgent with stand back with a flagellum and half and half and then the other person to be heard repeatedly with all of his strength with the start I thought it might be Lawson's not more than forty they decided that they would be at the gym and they usually use 39 lashes but we have to remember that this was not the case is over he just turned necessarily because he was not the Frog by the Jews he was flawed but I will still check out what happened since well as Apply a simple explanation is a blood list we've all had those and we can take her or something of that sort and then if they continue to strike the individual with this those little blessed with the eruption and it's up left were ruptured then meeting with start without the capillaries under the surface of the dermis part we would cause blood vessels are very small and so the bleeding at first would not be happy but if they continue to strike with this but yellow it would begin to tear through the upper layers this again and again to let me call you have done something for you and something for yourself and that contain much larger but that's and then when those begin to be torn the bleeding would become rather cold. They would continue to strike the individual and has a continue to do this again what eventually beat the word stressed and least of all these left balls with the end in sight not only into the end but the subcutaneous tissue but end of the muscle itself perhaps it's enough to say that in Roman history a person discouraged and that matter is usually at the end of this scratching the skin of the backward actually hang in shreds and even the muscles and so would be torn and bleeding would be extremely happy because the blood vessels in the muscles in the cell are quite large so that the bleeding would be hope yet now you remember that Christ is last love about it said mostly he's not he's not had anything either to eat or drink during this. Of time and now he has lost a great deal of blood and I'm going to Green Bay apartments up right by the simple version of the Bible only Priceless and said he would put the crown of thorns on his head Something that we have in Arizona is I'm glad it is made up of a very sharp Thorns of about this link and the actually the plan itself has a sap and even if he's a little of thorns are broken this after what she'd been through worse than this Actually enter the skin to Discover card at any time you know that this stuff is so generously furnished but I know that anytime you enjoyed the bleeding is computer so again we have a car and we were told after the crown of thorns and after he was pushed into the put into the role that he was still struck several times that he was not respond and then he was pushed out on the balcony and the people were told on hold your hand then we're something to him


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