The aircraft is powered by petrol tested across the Atlantic Ocean has successfully

Foreign: a great aircraft, powered by sunlight and gasoline made its first test flight in history to cross the Atlantic Ocean recently and landed safely.

Solar Impulse landed at the airport of the city of Seville safely
According to sources, said that the plane, which does not need gasoline to process this type is called Solar Impulse because it can use sunlight to energy for the process instead of gasoline, landed at the airport of the city of Seville of Spain was successful and after it took off from New York on Monday.

Flights for this phase and 15 projects that bring great aircraft Solar Impulse traveled around the world. In that mission for the next solar-powered aircraft will fly across the Mediterranean Ocean and landed at Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates federation.

Image Solar Impulse flight
Solar Impulse aircraft battery contains 17,000 photovoltaic energy, and they have a role in providing energy to direct the plane's engines and energy stored in lithium-ion batteries to support flights during the night.

Also emphasized that the solar-powered plane is made up of scientists and it will become a passenger in the future if clinical trials and other experiments have successfully continued.

Various elements of the Solar Impulse plane

Working Group congratulated the successful first test flight
Source: BBC

They may remember that it was not normal that you can travel from London to New York, using just 11 minutes.

Fans imagination to see how it's amazing how when you can travel by plane journey over thousands of miles in a very short time only 11 minutes?

This is a new type of aircraft, which is capable of great use force push rocket kicking, pushing the entire aircraft flew fastest across the Atlantic just 11 minutes. However, aircraft can accommodate 10 people and is very expensive for a ride again.

The initiative plans to create a top speed above named Charles Bombardier reported that the aircraft can fly at a speed of 20,000 kilometers per hour, which is 2-3 times faster than the outline of the idea to create his speed before. It will use liquid oxygen (liquid oxygen) or kerosene rocket's design, it will be considered strictly knocked the wind on the nose and wings. However, they hope that this amazing aircraft will soon leak efficient.
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