Ironically! Just release the air (gas) gets red card

Sweden: once heard once saw the red card in football reasons, for example, clearing stumbling took care of the ball or utilization of improper conduct, yet never realize that simply air gas can be a red card.

The story occurred in Sweden amid a match between clubs Jan SK and Pershagen SK players left Sweden one named Adam Linden Ljungkvist got a red card in light of the fact that Ironically, one he was discharging air (gas) amid the competition.

For this activity, he was officially blamed for deliberate acts conferred wrong movement and not a game.

In that, Adam Linden Ljungkvist guaranteed that he had side effects of stomach Pentagon so it's a great opportunity to go. When he gets a yellow card punishment 2 times, a red card, then he Ironically, a move that he had never met in football.

He asked the ref for what valid reason he couldn't accomplish something like this since it is human instinct, however, he was the official declined and got a red card.

In the interim, he was the ref named Dany Kako, told the Aftonbladet Sweden's that 'I see this as deliberate, he purposefully did it and this is the action unseemly in football so I find him a red card.' He advances guaranteed that he had met a comparable story again by then his red card to a player since somebody urinating amid the competition.

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