Fight for Supremacy High in the Sky in Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus is a brand new MMORPG that lets players take to the skies to engage in aerial battles like nothing they've ever experienced before. In celebration of the game's upcoming open beta, Nexon and Gamepedia are pleased to announce the Official Riders of Icarus Wiki.

Lots of MMORPGs give players access to a mount — but the experience doesn't always live up to its potential. If your beast companion is just another means of wandering round the map, a bicycle would be just as much help as the legendary creature joining you on your adventure.

However, Riders of Icarus is no ordinary MMORPG. Mounts, called familiars in game, are much more than just travel aids or status symbols for high-level players; they're a crucial and compelling element of combat. Players ride winged mounts into battle high among the clouds, and only the best riders will make it back in one piece.

Of course, certain preparations have to be made before you head into combat. You'll need a familiar, and that means scouring the game's lush environment for a beast that's capable of the task. Riders of Icarus offers hundreds of ground-based and aerial mounts to collect and train, so there's always a reason to explore your surroundings and expand the menagerie at your disposal.

The whole experience comes together when you and your friends work together, executing collaborative attacks on the game's fearsome boss enemies with your familiars in perfect harmony. Riders of Icarus is free to play, so you'll definitely be able to convince your friends to get involved — especially if you show them footage like this:

Anyone lucky enough to have access to a Riders of Icarus Founder's Pack will be able to get started with the game on June 29, before the rest of us can join the fray when its open beta gets underway on July 6. Until then, you can find more information about the game on its official website— or get a head start over your fellow riders by taking a look at the Official Riders of Icarus Wiki.
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