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Sex is the cornerstone for civilization, literally. In the modern times it has evolved into a more different game, it is no more about just plain intercourse between man and woman. Therefore, there can be some inhibitions on the woman’s side when it comes to sex, because it is about pleasing each other, and people can go to all extremes.
Nowadays the largest percentage of Girls and Women have no real knowledge, experience or enjoyment of sex. This is not because they haven't had sex...they just haven't had Good Sex! It is therefore up to all Women to stand up for Themselves and the entire Female Gender... and Say to Men "NO! We will no longer accept your pathetic, uneducated, unhygienic advances to us sexually. Either listen to our instructions, take lessons, do research or let us enjoy the few men who know how to truly pleasure a Women!...and after those 'few good men', we will return home and tell You how good it was!!"

Simultaneously, lovemaking lowers levels of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which decrease your life span. While healthy loving adds years to your life, it also takes years off your face, making you actually look younger. Studies show that people who are highly satisfied with the quality and quantity of their sex lives looked 4 to 7 years younger than their peers. This no doubt results from reduced stress, greater happiness and contentment, and better sleep — in addition to the hormonal and chemical changes that satisfying sex can bring. An active love life is good for both your health and your relationship. In fact, people who enjoy regular intimacy live longer." Sex generates ‘optimism’, buoyancy and enthusiasm in life. Optimism is an emotion that keeps the energies of life harnessed and tuned for health and healthy expression. It creates a will to live, and a deeper sense of attachment with life, not with wealth and worldly aggrandizement. If you keep your youthful attitude and activities intact during the onset of advanced or mature age, you prolong your youthful vigor well into mature years. You delay the change of life, by compelling the endocrine system to keep on producing secretions in the same ratio and proportion longer, much longer, than usual. For example the continuation of the active sexual life, mentally and physically, by amorously tactile manipulation of the erogenous zones, even at the menopausal nexus, and maintaining regular sex, will either delay menopause, by compelling relevant glands and gonads to go on secreting their wonted ratio of hormones, or dilute the sufferings connected with this change by making the inevitable menopause less drastic and less troublesome for her. When, for example, the titillation and fondling of breasts go on with usual indulgence and gusto, estrogen production would never fall drastically low; and will keep the woman’s moods up and the breasts shapely. In fact, the whole body shapely, as sex ensures universal health. Active sex, moreover, boosts the energies of the heart, by increasing the pumping vigor, and thus increasing the efficiency of the heart. So sex keeps the heart young, in every respect. A person with rich sexual life is a solid personality with optimistic views on life, sans stress and anxiety. “Sex is the greatest stress reliever”, says Dr. Irven. There is then no need to prescribe estrogens for menopausal blues, since the regular sex keeps estrogen producing glands functioning normally (or near to normal); and the estrogen and other relevant hormones keep the body in shape and rotundity. Menopause should not be looked at with foreboding and grave concerns, but should be reckoned as an opportunity given by the Providence to enjoy more intimate sex without fear of pregnancy, and use of condoms. Ushering in the menopausal period should be welcomed and celebrated as an exuberant opportunity for more intimate and unhindered sex.
So how come people want to have Sex? If we start with the basics you need to think in terms of NATURE. Human Beings like all members of the Animal World are driven by an inbuilt desire to be attracted to the opposite gender so they can perpetuate the species. Just like the Birds and the Bees...we humans are built with brain signals of attraction which stems from this one purpose to have sex, have children, for the children to have children, for their children to have children...and so on. When you are very young after going through puberty, you find yourself attracted to a Boy and experience strange 'feelings' don't know why you are 'attracted' and don't know what you want to do when you are with that person. These attractions are driven by the human senses of sight, smell...later touch/feel. The sight part is being attracted to someone who simply 'looks good' to you. When you become close enough to that person, you are not aware, but they give out a particular smell, which either attracts you more or 'turns you off'. These are Male Pheromones and every Boy, Guy, Man has them...some will attract you, even though the sight part may not. It's a case of..."I don't know why I like to be near him but I do...I just can't explain it". The best looking guy in the World may not have the right smell and by the same token, you may not have the right smell to attract him...yes, you guessed it, you have Pheromones too. How you feel when he 'touches you', (a simple hold of your hand will do it)...and Sound too plays a his voice attracts you...also important is what he says as well of course.

The Sex part of the equasion comes when all these senses tie together...His look, His Smell, His Feel...and even though you don't know why you find yourself 'turned on' (sexually aroused) by Him. The reverse happens when he ticks 'nearly all the boxes' but not all of them. For example...your senses like what you see, his smell is attractive, you feel great when he touches you...but everytime he laughs...or everytime he speaks is just a turn off. OMG! Things have really got to be right don't they. This is where the expression of looking for Mr. Right is the reality. When all the senses fall into place, Sexual Intercourse will be and is so much more pleasurable...enjoyable, however the last part of this 'sexual get-together' is His ability to pleasure you sexually.
This Website has been put together to help you at any age understand the truth about sex not just the inadequate School Teacher talks or the fleeting Parent explanations of what to do...and it overcomes all the things you need to know to understand that just because you don't understand Sex, there is a simple reason...and that generally is lack of the real knowledge.
To this end, you can compare the following two thirty something year old women.... One Loves Sex...and can't get enough of it...the other Endures Sex and feels it is her duty to allow her husband or boyfriend to have sex with her. One Loves making Love with the lights on and completely naked...the other endures sex on the second Sunday of each month (period permitting) with the lights off, under the blankets and with her nightwear or night attire on.
In this scenario, the second woman, has never experienced the same type of sex that the first woman has...and so does not like it!
So read through the pages and topics and even if you don't find everything you need...this website will help you no matter what your age.
Incidentally, we will use words like Cock, Dick, Blow Job, Masturbate, Wank, Lick Her, Suck Him...and just about all the everyday expressions that you will hear in today's society...we will also show naked men with huge erect penises, pictures of sexual activities and the get over the shock and just learn.

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