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Text or call update Drugstore haul update I recently the drug store on and you guys want to try out the products a little bit more if you wanted me to sit down and update you guys because I sometimes feel that holes are kind of like not home because there's actually a product that you bought and although it's fun I love watching calls or whatever I want to sit down and update you guys like 2 weeks later just not liking them so I have all the products I was using them Organic wear BB cream by Physicians Formula see what it looks like actually love this I think it's a beautiful I haven't bought the rights to medium shade but it was too dark for me so I went back into shape color selection isn't my favorite but I have to say I really like this product makes my skin look it doesn't look overly doing but it's not there it's kind of 20 Physical SPF on a chemical one which they're both really good but physical SPF is a little bit left and I think everyone has pretty good coverage I actually do like this is what I feel like it has a little bit better Is coconut water and it also is a physical sunscreen which is off right now I'm wearing a powder foundation on top of it actually I was going to say I know this but I want to show you guys the day after our trip powder foundation Ice cream and I really like this I wanted to mention it just in case of a good drugstore powder foundation it doesn't like full coverage I would say it has it like to be discovered but you can definitely go up and I feel like calling him something and it doesn't matter to me I recently bought these girls ain't loyal end so nicely Some questions into Pikmin 2 are my favorite this house like the perfect amount of pain and they're called me crying so I got these two positions at Target In the state of natural images for happy Mother's Day bless and this is just their Mineral Wear talc-free blush this place has SPF 30 is not funny that's pretty cool and there's not much to say about this and it is kind of a little bit of your face See Chloe very beautiful I highly recommend this little Happy Booster blush thank you so much beautiful and perfect for spring and summer Products for now that I've tried them and use them I have to say they're not my favorite days are the flower in the left it feel like to be crowned 6 of Revlon has very simple just lost bank card has been like there's a ton of my friends have lip products it looks like I don't know if it's just these two specific colors but there is a lot of glitter in these products and when I called it I didn't mind it because it looks really pretty on the lips and then I put glass on top of it just looks nice when I initially hold it I don't know if it's just like the glitter stays there and I kind of like weird glittery lips even when I try to take it off I got the end of the day Delete it I would definitely save passwords last year let's make this product a little hard candy Plumping serum Lip gloss that makes your lips look to see if I can get your list the effect of nice plump juicy lips but there's no table equation there's no like burning it doesn't make my lips look bigger honestly it's just a clear glass but I really like the formula image Swan Lake and there really is nothing bad to say about this but I really like you I was wearing this one in the video when I called it this is baby's breath These are nice but they're definitely not my favorite though a little bit less glossy than I would like them to be it's more of just like a wash and kind of like a watery color but I feel that video there was a ton of you guys I told him that make up these losses indent the from the same brand Flower Beauty these are the Flower Beauty lip Radiance High shine lip lacquers these are the highest line lip glosses and their different formulas to the formula typing around the same price Right now I'm wearing it on top of clear lip liner buy color pop this is the same thing about me So much I think they give you like a really nice glossy look to the left the other This is Sonia kashuk all covered up concealer I got mine in the shade Ivory I really like this it's a great concealer for blemishes yesterday Salinas fresh meal item on purpose was to jump on me and scratched my chance I have like a big scratch on my face and this is a great job of covering it up the Pacifica CC cream to cover it up when I find it I mean it made it less red but it didn't cover it up it's big but it's not hard to find out whatever so I figure it out I was like but it's not The blend out with your finger on any blemishes as the highlighting concealer pen thing for Flower Beauty I don't know exactly because it's not on the actual packaging I like this this is good it has decent coverage for being on time but it's not my favorite I definitely prefer 1644 go and I like the way it looks on my skin better I picked up 2 products in that Hall that did not work because of the color is Sonia kashuk one and then the other one you guys always coming but never really noticed I couldn't even give it Singles with the other things out but I will say that even though the color doesn't fit me I love the way it apply like this Essence make you proud the same as the benefits only much cheaper I got mine on Amazon it makes them different colors because I would like to try it I got this care of that video over something Cut that I did not like this because I thought that it was just like a weird one because I'm really sorry those are very spread out like there's a gap in between them and then too much for my last I mean it leave them but there was really no volume to it Mixels get really really close together as short as you want and then that is really good football and I think we have to be honest I've never really felt flower mascara this one is almost two more products here this is the hard candy illuminate and stroking it makes them drop her off I'm surprised by this I really really like this I definitely think that too much And I think it's very subtle Natural Glow to the skin or it with my shadow Synchro skin foundation and I really like the combination of the foundation that gives you like a nice and natural finish putting with your life Asian like Becca shimmering skin perfector that goes I love making invitations and I will most likely reach for those over this way but if you're looking for an alternative something to make invitation portable this is a pretty good one Primer prevent your next lover and you have dry skin you haven't tried this what are you waiting for this is like a drink of water for your skin like I planned my whole face before foundation and it kind of just goes over my dry patches and hydrate but it doesn't leave your face greasy or weird like it's a really nice primer for dry skin on the back of my that was my update from my drug store See you guys watching movies gta5 funny good luck
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