Back To School : Breakfast Ideas

Today we are going to learn some opposite words that start with the word for when something is called to say that it is clear that when something is a state that is far near and far are opposite words Don't forget that narrow and Broad are two opposite words this is a door she is short in stature but look at this giant he is big in stature look at them and the Giants are very different words so many numbers they are in ascending order I sent from the lowest to the highest order Right now it is time to build what was destroyed built and destroyed our two opposite words clever and which are two opposite words go is being foolish because he is doing something without thinking about the consequences doing something Right now and we are opposite to each other we go is the king and the opposite of King is the queen bee go is the Queen the king and the queen are two opposite words but they complete each other now we're going to learn about what is bold and these are too Young and old Freaking me out noises everywhere all the time my air conditioning makes me think something is wrong with it is something living in their here and today YouTube FanFest something that I was not worried about it that it's really really because it's the end of winter here so I'm wearing my super cozy sweater also just realized I'm not wearing a bra okay I'm just loving this weather because it's so cold and make big sweaters and cuddle up a that I don't have anyway this video has nothing to do with where I am right now because this is a nother back to school video and this one is all about healthy or unhealthy school lunches so I kind of balance each of these mailed out the best they could and Incorporated different things not all of it is like super duper healthy but it's definitely better than some of the other options out there and also telling me what is your favorite food if you have only one food that you can keep the rest of your life what would it be Next we have chicken tacos which surprisingly did not take very long to make at all so I started taking one tortilla and just filling it up with all of the ingredients so first stop is the cabbage and then I found this pre-made chicken so it's really easy all you do is just added your tacos and then you can add guacamole or anything that you like on top of your tacos I also added some cheese and squeeze it and I'm really excited he will just put a little stick through its make sure that it stays put all day and smaller until chicken taco on these are so good and next we have a super yummy sandwich She's on there so I can make your sandwich you can go ahead and cut it in half and that's what I thought you Obviously you don't have to do that but if you want it then you might as well just have a minion bananas probably one of my favorites Spring it all over your baking pans next 16 and half and half paper towel and then you can add some salt and pepper seasoning and then also take some olive oil and spread that but I also took a little bit of garlic and that all is well and now it is time for the pizza sauce so you're just going to spread that all over and then no So I gave him two different options here on one TV after school because and then on the other line I put here in a minute we are red Next we have your own homemade healthier version of a Lunchable so all you need is a lot of likes small the finger foods whatever I pay rent so I have some baby carrots chicken salad so I took some snap peas what are some good I can eat them all day and then I also found in the compartment with baby carrots I have some pitas slices as well as some little cheese slices and some chicken salad and some- like I said whatever whenever you're that healthy and ready to go easy lunch ideas for school Only one of my computer has also can we just look at my set up right now this is my tripod and tell her cuz I get really ok
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