An Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing

Insert thank you so much for stopping by this video today's training is going to be on pay per click advertising and using it for affiliate marketing down the benefits of this is that you can start making money right away without needing things such as a website without doing crazy search engine optimization backlinking and it's a really unique strategy for someone who's looking to get started and doesn't want to go to the time of the setting of complicated WordPress website ranking them and all this stuff so we can actually use it to drive traffic and even if you are using websites to make money it's always a good idea to make sure that actually actually actually take the time to actually go and no money So what say you might be interested in purchasing When someone comes and they click on one of these advertisements right they get charged person's advertising it needs to charge the monster no dollar amount usually $0.20 for the right it is a lot of difference See stuff over here to juices at Macy's dresses at JCPenney cells are all ads that are people are paying for to show up and even Facebook I mean something you're on every day right on sections over here these are all paid per click advertising and we'll talk more about that as well that's actually funny because Cells for example let's let's take a look at some of the offers that are here let's say that we are interested in targeting I don't know let's say someone interested in my phone so I'm at this website and is a great website because it takes everyone to get more product And I'm not sure to the network or you can get access to that office so I'm going to typing iPhone I'm going to hit search and let's see exactly what pops up so we've got a lot of offers up here what I'm going to do is I'm going to scroll down and look for a good offer and you are all that I have to do with the iPhone so let's check out this one this is kind of interesting what is Audible offer right 30 day free trial and a free audiobook I don't know if you're aware of a lot of service where you can buy basically books that are read to you through your phone or your iPhone or iPad or iPod so you buy the book and then it actually recently which is kind of cool I know I just kind of stuff is on my driving and I'm looking to pass the time on a long trip anyways we can learn more about exactly what it is you don't know about it App for the iPhone but I have it also is for Android index cell part is is what they're going to pay you $23.59 for every single person that decides they want to try to 30 day free trial so just a free trial that's all it is so what you can do as you can see what network it's on this one's on you know that I'm at work and you can come to join the network and sign up for their affiliate Network and get access to that offer from there what would you do to drive traffic to Facebook The traffic from this site really really cheap and then plenty of I use advertising to and plenty of fish is actually dating site so what you want to think about you know what kind of offer you're targeting and what side is going to be best to purchase your paid per click advertising and I'll run through how to set up with his campaign to do so that you know exactly how to do it let's talk more about finding offers maybe you're already signed up for not working my case let's say I'm signed up for maxed out okay Max is a CPA Network and they have a lot of offers already so I mention Plenty of Fish advertising and they have been paid for and what's nice about that is you already know that everyone on Plenty of is interested in dating right so why not come into another another CPA Network and look for a dating offer right so let's come in here and I've been dating Let's go and actually see what off of work yet so I'm just looking through here and I'm what I'm looking for as a CPA right because obviously that's important right now to make sure we can make some decent money and the other thing we're looking for is what they have to do in order to in order to in order for them to pay us that money so normally if the CPI rate is lower it usually means a person has to do left like maybe they just have them to their name and email address what are the CPA rate is higher like $15 then maybe it's a little bit more complicated maybe after the credit card and sign up for a child that way so I'm kind of interested in this one right here and you two dating 35 + and they even know it down to specific Canada UK Australia New Zealand so why am I interested in as well this is kind of cool because this is Target actually So I delete Plenty of Fish app by the way let's go
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