The more efficient movement of goods and people but as you will see in a moment this is not always the case while some of the roads on our list are heavily traveled through fast others are remove winding and narrow whatever the case may be though the 10 most dangerous roads in the world would like to convince you that walking isn't really that bad afterall Leandro Translation 40 mile long Tunnel Road is rows that tolerates no mistakes no by 13 local villages in the Tank Mountains many of whom died during construction the chisos mountains title much as I need to 15 feet high by 12 feet wide The Rock's insane views the Chinese landscape 330 windows that were contents of the cliff 

Commonwealth Avenue Philippines to locals is known as killer highway to the high number of casualties time for italicize that results from the traffic drainage system which leads to heavy flooding during Stones hundred a month but that's all buses come to say I need more Dexter and Walking Dead by help contribute to the crazy number of accidents Skippers Canyon Road New Zealand the Skippers Canyon Road location in New Zealand is unbelievably scary I just made from a very narrow cut in the middle of the road actually requires a special permit to drive if you do manage to get permission to be ready for slippery Challenge and good luck if you run into something coming in the other direction currently this road is popular mostly among extreme tourists in search of Adventureland Dothan Highway Alaska if we've learned anything from Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel and I feel like getting away from civilization Make sure you pack plenty of supplies because there are only three villages along the 666 kilometre Road through the Wilderness Link in Fairbanks and oil fields the new huge truck series 9 traffic giving them the reason why is one of the road rules the other is taking survival supplies and knowing how to use them so Chandler podcast media District of rock is not the place for Sunday drive it's better suited to a bus driver than any man's vehicle it's 9 kilometres long about 3500 meters above sea level and provides an important link between the document so you'll have to go to the nearest large Stone aside from that this was in heavy snow fall off of the fact that Russian Siberian right this is the official federal-government Highway See women getting into a major humanitarian disaster Jamie cells when they usually covering of the row that's an impossible knot blanket swallowing trucks and tractors align in the meantime the city has to probably other food products still be up a little later 9045 hours 190 degree corners on dangerous the concrete barriers align the winter brings icy roads slick conditions one wrong move could set you up 2 + couple jalalabad Highway Afghanistan located in the Valley of Death this notorious road is highly trafficked by the Taliban attacks are there go so don't expect an easy breezy Drive even still the narrow mountain passes that always seems to be full of oversized freight trucks are just as frightening the way to fairy Meadows Pakistan below it may sound homeless the ways of 3 medals has nothing to do Delete to 9 probably kill a mountain in Pakistan fairy Meadows is a nearby Valley reviews of the gravel road is not undergone any repairs since it was built Old yungas Road Bolivia all the Hedgehog the highway to hell that's his own the youngest rows make a throat considered the most dangerous in the world the 40 Mile Stretch link hugs Clips 200 people on public buses


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