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Apply to 2113 see training video series on how to build amazing websites using web design formula I guess you have a burning desire to have an impact with your website and to communicate your message and an elegant professional probably an intrapreneur a student business owner looking into designing websites for a living as a hobby you are definitely the right place I know why I got off website struggling and lower into the ocean the website I have a formula help you build professional beautiful website and I with you in a moment with you help you design some websites Insert video I'm going to share with you my 5 step for me that will help you design are some websites that allow your customers know your friends I'm going to do my best to inspire you to get you started I want to give you the information that will change your life in the way you work it with design for ever I want to the tools that you were able to build amazing looking professional website for yourself or your business or perhaps even use this for me to Google website for a living just like I do I know it's a big promise but if you stick with me for a few minutes I'll show you how I build website for my local Tennis Club Charity corporate website words and so on the web design for me I'm going to stay with you can be used by anyone you don't need any technical skills qualifications to experience all you need is a computer Aqua pool Family Guy the Indianapolis my dad was of low income and had to scoot family of six and mom was a housewife his main priority is getting through and continue patient and that's what we did last time I had a serious responsibility to help with the family but my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer so after high school I got a job at the factory I work long hours for very little pay and constantly total waste of money and less painful way I finally got to save a bit of money and I got my first computer at .1 which ran on Windows 95 I told myself no way around operating system and soon I was ready for the internet the first time I want to mention it was an amazing experience for me and I knew right away Good websites it was because those days it wasn't enough information on how to build web sites on the internet and a few books that were available boring to read and to tickle however I could die in the end I set up a freelance business and started designing websites for friends Cherokee sport club drugs corporate businesses and made money along the way I know that sometimes when you talk about web design we are conditioned to think that have to be a programmer and you have to know it's complicated programming languages like PHP and JavaScript ASP and so I trust me you don't need to know any of these programming languages design website in fact I don't even know any languages design process of putting together the critical steps you need to know to design web sites in the web design for me but now I always had a passion to my website Graphics tv.com go and check it out I have videos there where I shave graphic design tips and tutorials all for free so if you're ready let's get started the web design formula is broken down to $0.05 for the WRX 80 list up with the Web Domination when you have a dream and it's not enough just to have anything you need to create user names of document on social networking websites for example if you have a domain name for graphics tv.com you need to have a Twitter Facebook YouTube account with that username Graphics typing provided with consistent college logos this creates a strong brand and also help the ranking of your website on Google let's move on to our research while before you can build your website you need to plan and research the keywords that is competitive in your Market a lot of time with your design and build just build websites and Hope visitors will come out this approach is deadly and keep your website. In the Google searches it's easy to do the research you have to do is to go to the Google Keyword tool and check out compared with your kids alright I'll check before website The categories were laid out before the stop sign that's what's this is one of the most neglected stages of web design photography you should not use more than to type faces on your website to introduce typefaces the more you're going to get the message so just stick to one type of 8 and different font weights on your main content make sure that you have enough space between the lines in your paragraph otherwise message becomes too difficult to read that's what I want to color the colors that you choose on your website photo of color how many they all 7 colors that look good together while I was looking really bad next to each other True Colors carefully for your projects color can trigger psychological emotions please take a look at images images and when you copy images used to prove that you did images a good conversation for texting it's amazing how a website to your website 4 week the size of text about discussing earlier secondly you need to create a Google webmasters account insert is very helpful because it gives an indication of how many pages are index by Google and also usually $4 how many pages have errors okay let's do an exercise in this exercise create a color palette for your website it's really simple which is also known as the base color Okay
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