Unusual! 10-year-old girl can break the national record in the sit-ups sit up to more than 2 billion times!

US: It's a surprise after a young girl of 10 years, one can break the record national incredible to sit-ups sit up to more than 2 billion times without stop or break anything. The girl was 10 years old that can break setting national records in the sit-ups sit more than 2 billion times, according to sources, said that a young girl of 10 years, named Kyleigh Bass from Kansas City, Missouri, United States showed their talent by sit-ups sit down to 2.110 times in 1 and a half hours with no break or stop nothing, and as a result she can break the record national fulfilled. Under boosting morale by parents as well as the help from teachers in sports, along with the wish to break the record Project Fit America who ever you do to 2 , 001 consecutive there is no break then make Kyleigh strive hard training until it can achieve the sit-ups sit 2.110 consecutive and get a new record, which has left many surprised. involved Kyleigh said, "what motivated my very best is my mother Michelee Leer-Bass because the tribunal tried and his patience. The story began when my mother attended a marathon, then in the course middle initial is to say, he ran a distance of over 16 kilometers, he also had aches Championship tough, however, he can still finish the marathon, his accomplished that, and is motivating me so badly. " Kyleigh Bass while sit-ups sit highlighted that actions of a girl aged 10 years, this man has made so many surprises and interesting as well as admiration for her by all because of sit-ups sit straight with no break to more than 2 billion times, is not a common and easy for them.

Involved can remember that male athletes Australian world record to 2 at the same time clinging to the iron weight was more than 12 hours and 24 hours.
Mr. Caine Eckstein athletes of Australia broke the record cling iron weight lifting its 12 hours and 24 hours on October 07, 2014, with a 4.210-fold within 12 hours, which broke the previous record, which do only 4.020 times within 12 hours, and 4.182 times within 24 hours.
At the same time clinging to the iron weight of Caine was beamed live from 6 to 7 and has been included in the official record books too. His new record Caine is his record Kyle Gurkovich Americans themselves into the record books in June 2014.
However, Caine also said that because he has the ability to cling iron weight so he want to try to break the record, he really did.

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