Sun Country Brunei Abdul Mateen

Also, a few days ago, this country also has a son Brunei has made women upset because he looks handsome. Currently, the group of enthusiasts Internet, almost all segments are turning discussed very frayed in about a prince of Brunei, Indonesia, one that not only look beautiful alone, but also possess the knowledge and the young, visitation.

Indeed, today the new 20th century, and we never thought that the King of Brunei remaining son very handsome and full of the ability knowledge young, as well as the richest hall more, and what an amazing addition to all this is that he has not had a heart yet, with these reasons, and that makes fans women across the world love him even more. But not today Khmer will describe some of the Curriculum to his fans a better insight into how his son Bruno handsome man still has something even more amazing!?

Should that handsome son Brunei named Abdul Mateen was born on 10 August 1991, in terms so far, he was only just 25 years old, In addition, he has not had a relationship with a female yet. Should be said that he was the 10th son of the Sultan Hassanal Bokiah 2, with ex-wife, who was called Mariam. Actual son Mateen is a person who likes playing sport very seriously, and that he was most like to play football, and the sport can choose to dive to a depth of 18 meters. Not only that, he also taught these skills to other royal family.

For the study's son, Abdul Mateen, who graduated from high school at school Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College and Jerudong International School Laying country's top schools. Meanwhile, in 2010, he attended military school and passed successfully before the Father. In 2011, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has witnessed the graduation of Abdul Mateen at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (military academy), where his son got the first rank of military. Currently he is pursuing a Masters in International Relations at the University of SOAS, University of London in England.

Finally, after a brief biography of some great son Abdul Mateen already popular Khmer think about that?

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