Story: the true story of her warm, fragile woman (18+)

Pretty girl wishes to remain anonymous, she mentioned the fact of her we all have enjoyed the accounts are as follows: She is a living city - Siem Reap Today, she works in a restaurant, a Path for 60 meters as the downtown area and have different people coming in and out every day because there is a source businessman and where stops too.

(Story) At first, I sell near stores that sell sweets and cigarettes. I'm happy with the sale, but against the thing is I do not have a partner. Previously, I used to have, but we divorced because they can not stand their perverse fatted. After I heard that they had into a new wife and a 2-month-old toddler. I do not feel angry grudge because our two post-divorce to find their own new life, how romantic our end so far. I live alone so bored long known to be immune because many neighbors as well as normal. I saw a girl that looks ugly noodle around me, but there were many magnetic Nhe probably because she likes to dress meat! Just as eye-catching men to load? In fact, I feel much, but I did not dare to play, because these men have wives passed. Husband, I do not play because it does not want to be called the mistress or wife thought the same girl does not want her husband to be fatted outside. My boredom was completed when experienced traders.
I just met him first when they come to eat my dessert. Looks outwardly very satisfied with me and they kept looking at me, especially my chest. Since then, they always come to eat my dessert at least come talk to me. We both matches, I also mentioned personal matters to them is nothing left them and rewrote my compassion. They also share their story, I hear the same thing. Time continued to pass more intimate, I feel in love with them. But I do not know that they like me or not, because we were separated for nearly ten years. Any prominent cutie school girl must have done anything like this widow like me. One day he asked me to go drinking coffee at a shop around Phuc Taphul Video Player China After the owner also charge coffee many shops, especially women. I wonder if they stopped the show and now, things are different last evening at the trench in a coffee shop just look at me. After all the money coffee began television lights. The owner of the new tape starts playing ... !! Porn, I began to feel hot pheay_ hiss khnhak. I was entranced, they put my hand between his thighs, I felt Mak are hardening their chhkoeng Angre. They hold me lightly rubbing sensual feeling I become engrossed in sexual feelings, but dare not express fear of embarrassment. I found porn movies eye. After a while, I tell them I want to go home, they also agreed to go home. On the way, they say. After the separation, I hurried hurried bath and bed strange feeling.

I could not sleep tonight, just imagine the scene at the coffee shop remembered embarrassing should not let them take my hand to touch toys ... recall this one makes me hot pheay_ anymore .... Tomorrow not know how to do facial when they meet. The next morning I went to my usual thinking he is unstoppable. Being distracted heard his voice I put a dessert plate ... I hurried up a beautiful smile to my chest, I'm relieved khsaak cheer. They teased me, made me feel warm pheay_ bashful young adults. Dinner arrived on a motorbike came and asked me to go for a walk I'm excited, but acted also told them to wait a moment to change clothes. When I leave my door looking eye coma because they never see me dressed like this and smiled with satisfaction. When riding a motorcycle together, they said to me today ... .. I only stole smile and say I do not know what to wear, what to wear to such fear, we will escort the old girl.

They take me to play in the region and photography. He suddenly asked me, miss them, love them? I dare not respond jogging smile in my heart wants to say miss very cute. They, however, do not answer, they are fully aware of my feelings. Alas! They all know I'm more shy than now. I also asked if knows? They laughed and said ... do not tell. And then shake hands I walked together along the road. 8 pm, they take me back home and talk to me in front of a small wooden bed. Chat while their eyes just looked at me along until I was afraid of their eyes. Moments, they moved close to me and my hands around her body to embrace and kissed my chonhchokmeat. His body continued to sag on me until we both fell asleep on the bed from above. Lip, nose and cheek kisses mauled my notes and made me howl sensation almost unbearable. I tried to put his hand thrust out his chest so that they were forced to suspend all activities shortness of breath. I know they are, and because I had a husband, I know the feeling. I'm ready to do that does not make them do it, they actually came over me and thaebnhinhk sucking me again and interfere in my shirt touchpad waist and then flip gently squeezing my chest.

I grabbed his hand and they got up and took them into the house as husband and wife. I had to shut the key could not suddenly leaped kissed me behind in a hurry threw me on the mattress, and then they took off my shirt off quickly, leaving only a small bra covered hills my pimp. They kiss chonhchokmeat mauled and kissed my neck left, right, up and down flip down chest. His arm measures perplexed that solve key bra me out since amend but suddenly it conceded out of me, and then they continued to solve unbutton jeans by me and put out by these pants Muslims my little with them. Now I'm lying on the bed naked land managers own clothes out and bowed down to my chest Charin further sensation makes me extremely precarious because taste such a long time. They are young, but antibiotics Nixon really cruel they flip down the belly until region, particularly my tongue fluently lick my sucking on enticing hearing Chup Chup already exploration end of the tongue enters the tunnel cave rotated makes me conceded moaned hus hus both unconsciously. I orgasm 2 times and now my hole began stapling sobering poke their tongues were magical flame from a secret tunnel instead of the middle finger immediately.

Exploration finger along my tongue and licked now led me to paradise starts, know only moaned resonate room. .... You're very easy .. unbearable and put into .... This time I called them mouths without embarrassment. So they started looking up stained discharge my lover mouths stretched myself sucking kiss me. Girding their short arms suddenly poured into the cave disappear punched through the bottom of the cave turned out mouth panting mouth. They started to hit like Buffalo invested herself cheated ropes clicks phlab each shake bed mattress Mandarin rest I always groan humming with their offensive rhythm. Moments they grabbed me to kneel at the edge of the bed, and they stand behind already has put his hip through my mattress saguaro in without telling me nothing makes me wake up Pả exclamations told them that ... Brother Tech. ... Do not decay too ... .. MMA, I feel that stick their heads hit against my cervix and hit by faltering uolbay I grab Bedding wagging like cattle srangtich. 150 Paradise floor seems to be on top of my head now.
Very easy. Very easy ... plus ... .. Voice breaking clicks chrach when they raise more offensive ... while their goddess also sow in the cave my kamtep leaned sleep on my breath ... htkkhous. What they gave me absolutely no sight not much different from previous husband!. Then I looked up and kissed them to confirm my satisfaction filled with peace.

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