Shocked! Wild man had legs as large as an elephant ...

Brazil: What a pity the man had the horrific suffering many years because his foot enlargement like elephants. According to sources, the press reported that a man named Raimundo Brazilian has had a devastating-causing mosquito bites in South America, and causing his legs develop wider seem foot elephant and make a living with his misery for over 20 years. The disease, it is caused by mosquito bites cause a variety of worm parasites and go to damage the tissues of the body. Infection is also known to cause limb, such as arms and legs growing swell or in some cases spread to the genitals as well. He said, however, it can also affect the kidneys and has issued a lymph point ankle foot well. Doctors at Cnnica Godoy Jeremy Wade explained, who had swelling or inflammation called "elephantiasis" for me really hard. Maybe this is the first time I saw it was the most frightening disease, it can be life threatening.
However, doctors have used viral drugs dismissal caused by parasitic worms from the body. However, doctors have suggested that diseases like Mr. Raimundo could affect life and can Treating a sudden it was time-consuming combination drug protects the long-term and methods other treatments to eliminate a variety Oxford mustard them out. It should be highlighted that Mr. Raimundo are receiving treatment in the State of Sao Jose Rio Preto in Brazil employers better. In addition, viral diseases or Elephantiasis is also usually causing the patient pain limb, causing swelling and the most difficult to walk, move. This infection also has been found that has ever existed in Africa, South America, South Asia and in the Pacific Islands as well.

Separately Moreover truly pity the girl, 12 years old, one from Bangladesh are suffering illness a rare severe for her because her body was covered with hair, black whole body from head till toe made her ashamed, until the class did not dare leave home.

According to local media sources reported that a girl named Bithi Akhtar lives in Tangail's central Bangladesh where she was born to be different from all others grow hair like monkeys. However, medical experts have suggested that such a condition can be caused by cancer-causing hair or dark hair grows so full.

Her mother Beauty Akhtar, 27, said, `My daughter was born with thick hair grows her own that look like wool. ' We sought help from many doctors, but no doctor can cure her to be healed. But recently, her hair seemed to grow less as long as before.

The source added that last year, while girls Bithi nearly adult young, her mother noticed that the chest of his daughter also has been enlarged different from normal, too, until last year, her breasts but kept getting bigger falls below the stomach until it makes her almost unable to stand up straight because it's heavy down too.

Eventually she was forced to stop going to school. The important thing, she was almost too embarrassed to cry all day because of the pain. However, her father, Abdur Razzak always rent a bike ride take his daughter to borrow money from banks in one day closer to $ 50 or more perfectly, and then took her to the hospital for treatment. Her father Bithi told, I spent plenty of treatment on her back but the results of her daughter's condition, I still have not recovered yet, I'm very upset that she lived with so much pain.

The current team of doctors seeking treatment possible for her, too. Dr Farid Uddin, chairman of the department of hormones, says this may be an extreme case of hormonal irregularities.

Anyway, while we're thinking about the symptoms of a disease, it is also no medication for treatment, and we had not yet researched the history of her illness and the cause of the disease and start treatment yet.

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