Question about Speaking Slowly

Bobby a real person that was in America trying to sound American speaking quickly and is making that 10 people had a hard time understanding him when he started speaking clearer and more slowly it was understood perfectly he says do you really think it's necessary to speak fast and Link everything great question this brings up 2 things I want to talk about the first and maybe the most important thing is that they don't teach that you should be speaking really fast as a general rule I'm sure father isn't the only one who's had talked about saying words that were just really quickly like because of them the point isn't to speak fast point is to create the contrast you must have clearly pronounced stressed syllables and cannot speak through those and but really stressed and unstressed Hard to understand so it's just as important as stressful as 25 feet up so stressed and unstressed pronounced and reduced clear and that is one of the defining characteristics of American English it's a stress time language as I've made a video about that I'll link to it at the end of the video and the description below don't rush everything just create contrast what if you have doubts but every single is the same way let's see hello my name is Rachel and I live in Philadelphia I think probably everyone can understand that but it didn't sound very natural that it also that was with every sound be perfect if some of your sounds aren't perfect and you try to voice mail and everything with no written contract summary you have multiple factors that might get in the way but they were too small so to answer your question I don't think it's necessary to reduce words that reduce and American English insert words together and life in general order to maximize our chances but they understood thank you so much for sharing your experience question I'm going to English
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