Not Here! Bus driver Lamborghini ride are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to work

China: Man is making crowds online Internet interest and marveled as he drove a modern cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to work or serve only as a bus driver.
According to the newspaper NetEase said that several photographs sheets were posted into the network Weibo, China's and have impressed many by netizens protein Internet because the man who does not know the identity of one job only as a bus driver publicly but rides are all modern cars to work.
The source said the man above a person hide their true identity is not known to a person whose food flowing in working hours. He made it plain simple as others. However, there are some days he has super car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars Lamborghini Gallardo sometimes yellow, sometimes blue car Audi R8 to go to work, no matter what anyone thinks of him.
The source mentioned that the man above is also a member in the group of those who played a series luxury car in the city as well, they assumed that it was in the club previously had guests coming in and out are all series wealthy car its parking in front of the club, causing blockages, they clog themselves by hiring model foreign plays recording immodest on the red carpet, also known as car Lamborghini yellow, his too.
However, the player many social networks was astonished by some opinion that all cars expensive skyscraper wonder how he got the money to buy it? '.
2 car that came to me and I'm going to make the bus driver '
'This man should apply to quit his job because it is for those who need it only if there is money, a car and need to work dont do.
Noticeably, however, sources revealed clearly related to the real history of man above one yet.
What do you think?

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