Nheaksach! Bamboo is a man smashing chest fortunately not dead

China: It's horrible that a man was bamboo smashing chest while driving motorcycles on the streets, lack of precaution. Typically, according to the press Jiangxi worked published reports that the man had unidentified man on a motorbike site spa with inadequate cautious approach to trucks bamboo units and also cause decay pierce his chest with their bamboo length of nearly 2 meters. Fortunately that bamboo that collided slip wrong Insight hitting his heart by hitting only lung side only. Soon after, a group of firefighters annual statement near the scene arrived and helped cut bamboo robes off and sent to the hospital to conversion therapy continues. It should be highlighted that the man above is the team doctor takes surgery to remove the bamboo out of his chest, using lasts for about 2 hours without success. The incident occurred in the city of Ruijin, China.

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