Learn the symptoms of hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is an infection of the liver caused by viral hepatitis A. The virus can cause inflammation that affects the liver's ability to function.
Some of the symptoms of hepatitis A:

Hepatitis symptoms do not appear immediately when you cross it, it lasts for 2-3 weeks week. Its symptoms include:
- fatigue
- Abominations and vomiting
- Abdominal pain, especially in the radius around the right side under your ribs
- Loss of appetite
- Opaque colored urine
- Muscle pain
- Yellow skin and eyes

These symptoms usually last less than 2 months, but in some cases it may have a term of up to 6 months. Not everyone suffering from all these symptoms.

The cause of the prevalence of hepatitis A: The virus is usually spread when a person swallow something not some pretty little. It went into the attack on the liver cells and causing inflammation. Inflammation can cause weakness of their liver function. Infectious factors such as:

- When a person carrying the virus pass food you eat without pre-wash, clean, especially after the toilet.
- Drinking water
- Eat a variety of lobster, shrimp, crab or raw oysters taken from contaminated water, waste residue.
- A close relative with the disease (no symptoms)
- Sex with a partner with the virus

* Some of the risk factors:
You will face a hepatitis A infection at the highest level if:
- Traveling to places / where a high rate of virus
- A person who likes the same sex with men
- Have the HIV virus in the body
- Incorrect injection drug users
- Living with hepatitis A.

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