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My name is laiker attacker and I am happy to join me here for our lesson today I have an interesting question which I cut off of my students sometimes they just cancelled so here we have a question from a page Cut my attention cuz I know how important it is to gain self confidence speak a new language so. And also languages what do you need your English for this is the last question that you should ask yourself when you're not sleeping so why are you learning English for pleasure travel work studies romantic relationship immigration once you know where you're headed it's a lot easier to know what kind of left you want to see what I noticed with my own students is that they tend to specialize in one kind of thing so if your business is to 20 physics I'm sure that you'll be able to blow me away with your English so when my students who are business professionals talk about work Finance 11 with English as their level of self-confidence same goes for my students who are doctors better get them talking about ecology biology ecology and they have come in but if we change the topic what is trying to find Watching my lesson also keep note of your Works highlight the ones that you like but you have no native speakers to practice when it happens luckily with the internet we have a lot of English Learners helping each other out on Skype now some students are worried about learning bad habits other students so what's your alternative if you simply want to improve with the native speakers while this same situation happened to me when I was learning Portuguese more than 20 years ago I was living in Canada doing self study by reading watching TV programs listening to music and someone I had an old expression so cabulary and I had to search around town and ended up finding this little old lady sweet old lady who happened to speak Portuguese so I would go to her house once a week and we will talk about this is that over a cup of coffee is to try and think in Portuguese constantly I would create hypothetical situations where someone would pose a question tonight and I will try to answer I don't care that I could walk in down the street from the Portuguese for what they had to myself since I wanted to go back to Brazil and I knew that I needed to practice anyway I could depend on Indian children Help you with your English learning all of these mistakes are many times unconscious but with a little soft correction you can become more aware and improved I see many students improving day by day will catch you later and see you on Monday bye for now and one I'd like to point out to my students ASAP I feel myself I'm just curious to see this happening with all of my students particularly speak Slovak and romantic languages from header cells
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