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I laiker and I work for a company called software in the last couple years I've been building mobile applications for Native for phone Galaxy 11 Java scripts and I was there yesterday and I'm working on fox actually say But how do I make it better and so that's a little bit about what they're talking about because I run into these sorts of ideas whenever I'm teaching or presenting or when you come to me and they like secretly disclose that there is still a bit insecure about their progr

amming you are not special none of you know anybody else that's okay Marshalltown with the violin in the movie like you don't practice and then all the other people do sort of catch up and you don't feel so special anymore or do you think that maybe if someone else was told there special you're not special and so there's some like disparity between the special people in the next week or something very different from where we are And whenever I say this people get really emotional about this and I mean really emotional probably because of their special or follow because if they are a good program where they like to pretend that they're special enough for some natural talent and there's a whole body of research out there you are all smart individuals so I will leave it up to you two to do your own research and take a look there is an interesting book called outliers by Malcolm Gladwell result of many complicated actions of those things that can make you seem like you actually have to do with your early childhood education other one thing that people like to go on to really quickly as genetic programming Right unfortunately have cancer if you take care of yourself Positive Matthew never going to bother you and sorry And there's so much more problematic framing of this topic that it drives me up the wall 2006 just posted a post I guess I posted a post about a academic study and I put that in quotes because while it was put out by the academic institution anybody Text color
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