Javascript Tutorial - Programming Tutorial for Beginners Pt 1

And I'm super excited about this because this is where you design Worlds 2 developer World HTML CSS it up that's great it's considered a little more design because I wouldn't send with JavaScript and now you're starting to move into functionality and the good news is if you learn JavaScript your set up to learn a bunch of other languages in his programming is programming in programming they're all very very similar so we're going to do is open up Google Chrome developer JavaScript console for Mac so I can do it you can do it Line is long as there's someone there it's going to know that you're done with him and the next thing as a new commands Are there of minutes spent out there and so now I can go console. Log hi there alerts but there is now it's going to look on there and then it's immediately going to alert their so there you go so that's kind of your Basics I'm running commands and I'm putting in the commands why they're called arguments I'm basically telling the commands alert whatever I give you as an argument so in this case I'm trying to alert a text string of my that let's get into what is a text string I just use that for your word don't don't freak out on me it just basically means remember that all these characters are I think so if I go by there it knows that high there is a text string when he can't tell you the difference between a text string in a knot text string or a string so if I go to if I go 20 it does not know that that's the number 20 it just knows that that's a string is the letter to end a letter 0 if I do 20 without clothes okay now it knows that the number see if you spit out there's no quotes there is no that that's the number 24 Watts let me show you something about to go to 1/8 + 1 it's a string is a 2 of 0 ass paste plus this makes for one that's what is string typing so it's not smart it just know that these characters if I go 20 plus 1 without doing that for me because I'm using numbers so that's kind of the difference between strings item number called typing you want to remember as you move forward it's probably 5 types of jobs you have any any any programming language across most languages the basics of programming I'm not getting a string now I'm getting in a variable which is already to line my name is well so I can learn this is well let's do that again I'm going let's go let's call this one message peoples hello there so I can go to message message message Boston-area message now I can do a new message new message What's around us that it's a index that was that it's an integer for help so that I can do is verify age equals 33. I can go by 823 so you can do math with variables So let's get into and get a statement if you're not in too far over your head and just watch the video over again it'll make sense pretty quickly we can do this So I just 33 and then I'm going to get less than or greater than less than symbols on the other side of 8 is less than 35 and then I'm going to do these guys and then for this So I just want to know if my age is younger than 35 So now what's this all go away I don't have to eat there because it's already been trying to 7 now only the very first time So now it's going to check it out 35 number is less than 35 getting a statement and that statement any language 3 equals Basically where you get some of those programming basics in there let's do one more thing and then we'll move on to end the next video where we actually do some more fun stuff on our page if you're not freaking out so far is basically a list of things done with brackets so whenever you'd like that create something quotes 

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