Is this yet another proof that people can pass the time?

Foreign: always hear and see the rapture of many, and related to the mystery of the transmission time of human situated future back to the past, obvious images and videos, some had been posted on the Internet incessantly. So far there is no evidence that has been officially recognized that the incident, which we used to know in the movie that it really could happen, not on this earth or not, while most people are less likely to believe that, because it seems deception or creating an impression only. In particular, no matter if we kralekamok interested in the research and theories of scholars and scientists about the dome space of Gallardo Xi massive unable to calculate this is likely to be a phenomenon makes accelerate time and across from one side to the other side had True's just it has not been discovered yet because the level about the elements in the universe, which people have not been found, and technology not yet possible to what extent yet. Back came the subject of information, we recovered about a clip of a video recording in 1995 in a match boxing's players most famous Mike Tyson made a noteworthy as evidence to another for further questioning on the theory of transmission time. British newspaper The Mirror published a video, you click to see the nearly 30 thousand times on YouTube apparently to see the phone smartphone units used for recording by the audience during the game. the last generation, the phone smartphone yet born, yet even the camera will not use a mobile phone as well. Why in the video, people use mobile phones smartphone took the view at that time? These things are to be persuasive and wonder device seen in the video, certainly phone a smartphone or not anything else? However, they can not be fully convinced that the show simply feed a feeling about the incident strange happened around the world, and an exploratory well.

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