Ironically! Woman unbearable peeing in the elevator one box

Hong Kong: video clip is making netizens protein Internet, many are interested and criticism very well after having seen the actions of the woman committed the act unwisely in public. Through a video clip filmed by a camera security on Wednesday afternoon, 11 May 2016, between approximately 3:00 minutes position elevator box in a supermarket in Hong Kong. In the video, they saw a young girl and a man likely the couple walked into the elevator box. Afterwards Women unidentified above samreatkhao her and started to sit down to urinate once while male couples stood holding the bag of goods waiting for her. Later the video was posted publicly on the social network and received criticism for immoral conduct her well. It should be highlighted that this time they are to find the girls in the video but was not yet able to identify yet. The contacting and cases of a similar story Ironically, and do not think one is being filmed by a security camera in the elevator box, while the young girl could not stand it also urinate in it. The video clip is being posted and distributed on the Internet and get an impression, click, visit not less, because it's rare, occurring one. For this video, what they see, and most noteworthy is that this woman, she uses her feet to wipe Patmos throughout the elevator so that anyone interested could see that someone had peed in. However, the source video does not specify the location where. Particularly Moreover teenager has not been identified, probably holding back longer and decided to sit down to urinate in elevators in the building stayed one place in the city of Singapore, a surprising and people staying in the building reacts strongly. Picture a woman who urinated in the elevator was even recorded by a camera fitted in the elevator in the apartment Tanjong Pagar images of two sheets were not even recorded face teenager was. But in the first image showed that the woman sat down and likely to sit down to urinate, while another image showing the woman stood up, and they can be found standing water trapped in the ceramic elevator. However, according to sources of information that administrators buildings subjected to vitriolic reaction from people staying in the building, and complained about the smell urine in the elevators because of such administrators decided snapped photos was the woman taken close show on the building itself. Lily Neo as the manager said we have many problems with people urinating in the elevator, and we have no choice but to close this image in the hope that anyone who can stop such activities.

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