Ironically! Drove into the water because of too much trust in the GPS

Canada: It's ridiculous and Ironically, when a car crashed into the water because you rely on GPS too.
According to the news source reported that 23-year-old victim of anonymity from Ontario driver who crashed into Lake Huron and then.Sources said the victim was traveling along the coast Tobermory due to less favorable weather at night mekhchohap causes the point where the ferry boat looks simple way why discourage car once submerged at a depth of about 30 meters.Fortunately, she survived because conscious yet to open the garage door before the car has not gone swimming emancipation came out on time. Then she looked where phone service around nearby hotel to call for help because her phone in the car.the source added that reason as well, causing the victim upper face the worst so because she does not know geographically precise, coupled with mekhchohap can not see the road clearly better just decided to drive with confidence in the GPS system, and the final result makes her depressed such thing.The source mentioned that she was not overly vulnerable because she is a self-confidence does not involve alcohol or any drug, and she was almost embarrassed to see such a thing in the worst because of her negligence.
By morning the divers Zsolt Vincze pull the car back, but although the car was severely damaged.

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